Fox News thread of fine journalism


I would love to see Alabama restore my faith in the south not being a total shithole, but I am not optimistic.


Yeah, Alabama is probably the last place to look for that.


LOL. “Real Clear Politics”, now 4.8% clearer than any other political poll!
FOX News is just giving us an accurate poll representation of all the illegal immigrants in Alabama who will vote twice.


The vote would have to be about 95-5 in favor of Jones to restore my faith.


I miss the good old days when the crazification factor was 5%. I think it’s closer to 40%, now.


I mean people voted Republican in the “good old days,” too.


You know what you don’t hear anymore? Republicans calling democrats out for their “tax and spend” ways. That’s weird, huh?


Well when Democrats take power again, they will.


That must be it! I’ve gotten my political cycles all mixed up, this must be the one where Democrats are just obstructing for no good reason.


We also gleefully kill babies and wanna hump a bunch of oil-blocking trees! C’mon man, give us godless pinko commies some credit.


Time for my weekly check-in of this thread.

Did they impeach President Hillary yet?


Kenyan Shadow Emperor Obama is still considering the matter.


Not Fox but this thread seems like a good place this:


At least he wasn’t interviewing himself.


I liked it better when total nutjobbery was relegated to the Weekly World News.



“Is this just killing all the fun of Christmas?” she wondered absurdly.

Remember, back in the day, when we were free to find ourselves in situations that could lead to inappropriate and possibly damaging behavior? Those days are over thanks to these damn empowered women.


Christmas parties were more fun when rape was more likely.


Every Christmas party I’ve had in my entire professional life has been the same. It’s a potluck with sometimes management providing the meats. There 's usually a handful of people who feel entitled to bring their families to it. Then we argue over whether or not it’s a work engagement only or a social gathering, yep work engagement and during working hours. Someone always brings something that looks, shall we say interesting, as their dish, and it doesn’t really get touched. I try those to encourage people to keep bringing interesting things so it doesn’t become too boring and yes, some of it is gross… haven’t died yet. Help desk rotates in and out throughout the hours because someone has to man the phones… then about half go home for the day and the others stay to meet deadlines… some start their 1–2 week vacation.

There is never any alcohol. If anyone is screwing they’re the same ones that have found abandoned closets months ago. The only touching we do is for awkward pictures for the employee newsletter or website or a temporary good-bye for those vacationers.

Sometimes a manager you know will retire in a few years talks about the good ole days… the raging parties but almost all those people are gone or lingering and will be gone soon.

I know other industries are different… but maybe they shouldn’t be. They join the mundane events the rest of us have, but the best part was seeing and talking to others from departments you never see most the year.


We have our office Christmas party at a restaurant. It’s nice. There’s alcohol. Mostly just dinner and chatting and no one getting plastered.

Most businesses don’t want to have parties where people get so drunk they might do stupid things and expose the company to liability.


Or expose anything, really.