Fox News thread of fine journalism

Fuck that young whippersnapper. get his ass off my lawn.

I have a subscription to the local paper. Which, to be clear, is center right in their perspective. However they do cover the local news, and in particular are a good source for local politics. They’re one of the few sources for information on judges races in Cook County, for example.

My irritation with the NYT is particular to their positioning and inflated self importance. One that leads them to carry water for Trump, in much the way the media in general has.

Have fun government scientists…

I’d go around with a pair of wire cutters. Just cut the power cable.

If you think I’m joking… only in the sense I omitted unplugging first.

Scientists don’t need wirecutters.

Think Geek used to sell a keychain universal remote. Point it at a TV until it mutes, it cycles through universal TV remote codes. Can’t find mine anymore. It was a lot of fun in bars.

Murrican Tallyban.

That story is from almost exactly a year ago.

To evangelicals, hastening the end of the world is a feature, not a bug.

Man, they are going to be so disappointed when they see saint Peter and their name isn’t on the list.

I guess according to this thought process that Trump is the anti-Christ. And they LOVE it because he’s going to bring about the end of the world.

How far fetched was Handmaid’s Tale, really?

They all seem to have skipped over the part where you’re, y’know, not supposed to worship the Anti-Christ.

Good news. Trump isn’t the Anti-Christ. Too many people hate him.

No, not enough people hate him.


And eerily this is exactly why they are growing in number.

“Then you have the people who just want the right to be proud of their heritage” — people, he said, who are standing up against “what appears to be an increasingly anti-white America.”

Just like the mention of Fox watcher motivation:

So it makes me wonder how much of this lies in the same feedback loop? People watching news catered to make them feel as though they are always under attack. People seek out others who also feel attacked, people become disheartened and disillusioned with anything at all normal and blame every other group but themselves as the problem.

How much of the recent surge in white nationalists can we pin on news organizations themselves? (Speaking mostly of Fox.)

I think even local news is guilty of that though. Watch an hour of local news and it is full of people shooting people or of people doing shitty stuff to other people. Most the time, in my area, it is minorities doing it to other minorities. But people who want to see a danger to themselves in all of it. And that is amplified with the occasional violent act against a white person.

And social media adds to it by inventing or circulating stuff that isn’t local or never happened.

I don’t see how anybody watches local news. It’s godawful.