Fox News thread of fine journalism

I don’t see the problem. Both sides do it.



Flipped-turned upside down.

Should be arrested for attempting to incite riot, not to mention war. Putting aside all the strategic and geopolitical insanity, what does he think would happen if we started a war with a country that holds $1 trillion of our debt?

Lol “gun-rights groups”.

I’m surprised they even mentioned it at all. So hey, kudos to Fox!

While at the gym this afternoon I did see that Fox was covering the Lindsay Graham quotes on Trump’s Putin revelations. Since the TV is muted I have no idea if they making fun of Graham or treating what he said with any seriousness.

Tucker with the best take

The poor guy has been constipated for like 10 years – cut him some slack.

Fox News afraid to say NRA for the first time ever.

Guess they got instructions not to mention their name.

New angle from the idiot brigade like Gorka and Hannity:
The real issue is that Brennan voted for the communist party in 1976.

This is seriously what they are going with. Literally, this is the thing.

You know who else voted communist party in 1976? Vladimir Putin.

Its … beautiful

I never watch FoxNews, have all the male personalities there taken up the Trump tie sense?

Sorry, misclicked and deleted the post. Here’s the image:


In answer to your question, I don’t know but if trump ate a baby they’d each eat two to prove their loyalty, so probably.

I swear…

I wonder why Chris Wallace still works at Fox. He is carrying on the tradition of dad in a fine way. This is a probably the toughest interview Putin has had to put up with in a decade.

Are we taking over/under on when Chris Wallace accidentally eats a polonium-laced sandwich?

There are a at least two on-air people I’d call decent human beings there, and he’s one of them. Shepard Smith, another. I’ve wondered why the both continue when management is so clearly intent on becoming the GOP’s Pravda.