Fox News thread of fine journalism


Unless it’s a mother whose cubs are in the area, then you might have a bad day


It’s gonna be supposing when Malathor decided that he never liked Mattis anyway, because he was just a libtard cuck.


Your phone is still persecuting you for having once been a Republican.


Autocorrect conspiracy!



Hillary managed to get one catchphrase to stick compared to Tump’s mountain of them, and it’s this. Thanks, Hillary.


It sticks because it’s all they’ve got.

We’ve got a variety of memes to choose from, eg “tired of winning”, “good people on both sides”, “covfefe”, “the best people”, “grab them by the pussy”, etc.


I thought we already had this with Jeff Foxworthy and friends and their Blue Collar Comedy Tour? Maybe they’ve just renamed it?

“If you call the cops whenever you so much as see a black or brown person…
…you might be a Deplorable!”



Seems they have an autocorrect program that learns their frequently used words and phrases.



Have you ever stumbled across a corner of the internet or a TV show that was designed for dumb people? It’s kind of embarrassing because at first you’re like, “Wow, this is really dumb!” And then it dawns on you that you are not the target audience and then you feel vaguely guilty because you realize that dumb people need things to read and watch as well and what kind of a shitty person are you to look down on that?

Anyway, that’s what that Tweet makes me think of. Though, unlike the reality show about tow trucks I once stumbled upon, that bit of dumb advice is encouraging dumb people to throw away money they can’t really afford to part with.



What RichVR posted was the first thing I thought of in response to this. I knew someone whose mom adored Small World and couldn’t understand why others didn’t like it.


I still can’t believe Small Wonder was on for four fucking seasons.


But it was science fiction, Brian. :p




Very true and to the point, Trish. Fox has always refused to take any responsibility for its irresponsible rhetoric. Thank you.


Look out, it’s Halloween! (er, election season). The Boogeyman is coming for your children!


I… I loved Small Wonder when I was a kid.

…and now you’ve gotten the theme song stuck in my head. Trying to decide if that’s better or worse than Toto’s Africa, which has maddeningly been there for a couple of weeks now.