Fox News thread of fine journalism


How dare you.



This should do the trick. As long as you have the tune in your head, might as well have some “improved” lyrics, compliments of Buckcherry and Khia. As DJ Cummerbund says, “I am very, very sorry for this.”



Time to let Tarzan Boy displace them both!



Turns out Fox was not blurring images of the van. My own biases revealed by assuming the story to be true before it was debunked



Come on, we already invaded Mexico. That’s so 1847.


It isn’t easy to be more repugnant than Tucker, yet Lou Dobbs makes it look like child’s play.


“Do you know anything” is a great way to end that video. Good grief, these f’n people.



I assume that means they’re hiring him full-time.


Scum. All of them. Pure scum.


Judicial Watch and Turning Point are both full of scum. Anytime anyone links anything from them on social media my anger redlines.


Tuned across Hannity’s radio show for 30 seconds on my way home. He had a guest who was simply sad about the Pittsburgh murders and I briefly thought ‘this is a nice change’. Then Hannity spoke. within 10 seconds he was going on about a) how the left was politicizing the murders and b) it was the Democrats like Obama and Clinton who were photographed with Farrakhan, so thet’re the true anti-Semites.

Meanwhile, not exactly Fox but Fox-subservient, leave it to Kellyanne Conway to spin the murders to fit standard right-wing talking points:


Guy on Fox says that immigrants are going to bring in smallpox and leprosy.

For the record, it’s impossible for them to bring in smallpox, because we eradicated that disease with vaccines in 1977, and it no longer exists outside of laboratory environments.


Well you know what Jesus said about those lepers, kick them when they’re down.


There was a concern following 9/11 that smallpox would be used again as a bio-weapon. I and many thousands of service members were vaccinated. (The vaccine sucks to get–3 weeks of soreness and flu-like symptoms and a permanent scar–but is awesome from an epidemiology standpoint. It’s practically bulletproof, keeps forever, and can be administered by anyone with just about anything sharp.)

Leprosy is no more endemic in Central America than it is in the United States. It’s also fully curable, with treatment offered for free by the WHO.


I read that the immigrants are also bringing in The Gay. I bet that can’t be cured as easily as leprosy!


Worse, they’re bringing a version of Christianity that might follow the teachings of Christ!