Fox News thread of fine journalism


That would make sense, if they quit doing it in 1972 I’d have been 12 at the time.


Left shoulder too. Under my dragon tattoo.


Yea, that was pretty common. I think me, my sister and my youngest brother all had chicken pox at the same time. We did that with my kids and somehow my wife became one of the lucky few who got it a second time.


And as adults, we can all now become familiar with shingles.


I assumed by now I would take the shot for it, but I remember hearing somewhere that it didn’t work that well. In fact there may be a new one out now. My grandfather had shingles and I now they gave him lots of trouble. My father-in-law has had them as well.


I know right? I just had my roof done.


Yes, there’s a new shingles vaccine, approved about a year ago. It’s supposed to be very effective.

I had shingles a few years ago, and it sucks.


This really blows. I know people think this is an old person thin, but I know some who had this show up in their thirties. It sounds… awful.


Yeah, I had a friend get it at 37. He said it was awful.


I want my vaccine right now, just in case, but they reserve it for those over 50 and 60. the worst is though, the people I know who are willing to talk about it, they’re like ashamed of it. Anyone who got that virus, mostly because our parents rubbed us all over anyone who had it, can get it. It’s’ not a fault thing.


I had a case of shingles when I was like 14 or something. Thankfully a little patch under my right arm about 2” x 2” IIRC. And it was awful.


So you first had chicken pox and then got shingles at 14? That really sucks.



My wife had shingles. It was not pleasant for her. I got shuingles, and it was a fairly mild case. Uncomfortable but not awful. My mother got shingles and it has been terrible for her. It’s been almost a year now, and she still has residual pain that seems to random;y occur.


I’ve had kidney stones, a ruptured achilles tendon, and stepped on a stingray at the beach. Can’t wait for shingles!


I 100% disagree with Joe’s use of the words ‘may be’ in regard to Fox & Friends. What a weird world those folks must live in.


Maybe he’s thinking the Chevy Chase show still holds the top spot for patheticness.


Funny, I’ve had two of those three. I guess I need to go find a stingray.


You should! It’s totally fun!


How I see this.