Fox News thread of fine journalism


Here lyeth the Crocodile Hunter
Resting in eternal bliss
T’was not Frank the Croc that got 'im.
But some fruity fish


I miss him so much. I went to a “Reptile Zoo” this past weekend, and he came up a lot.


Spotted in a animal preserve in Kerala India

Was a fun surprise, I’ll admit.


My kids were big fans & quite young when he passed away. There were many tears that day, and for a few days after.


There’s apparently a new show! They’re all growed up!


We Deceive, You Decide


I know this is so far down the list in the Fucked Up Things Since 2016 category, but what an awful look it is for a news person to be campaigning at a rally with a candidate. I’m sure it barely raises an eyebrow today, but can you imagine Dan Rather or Walter Cronkite campaigning for a candidate, then hopping back on the news? How could anyone take their coverage of politics seriously after that?

I guess these days, Republicans really aren’t interested in getting facts or the news anymore, they just want a cheerleader for their side.


Hannity is not a news person.


It’s why I didn’t use the word journalist. He’s a person that has a show on a “news” channel and talks about the news. That’s what I meant by news person, and it’s how his fans see him.


Neither was Olbermann and he had to quit because he donated to Obama or some shit.

Rules are for everyone else.


Oh, okay


These rallies are super impromptu things. You know, if the President’s there, you just kind of show up at the last minute and hop on stage. No planning there, no sir.


Yeah, if Rachel Maddow just happened to hop on stage with a Dem candidate, I’m sure FOX News viewers would be just as cool with it.

Nah, she’d be out of a job the next day.


Doesn’t she do that in her studio each night? 🤔


Hannity is not Rather or Cronkite, Hannity is like the radio evangalists of the 1930’s.


Well, the truth is Olbermann would have been fired for something else if it wasn’t that. The guy hasn’t been able to hold a job more than 1-2 years at a time for 15 years now.


Unfortunately, most Fox viewers, as well as the freaking President of the United States, he is.


Probably, but that’s only because there isn’t a liberal Fox. Hannity is way crazier than Olbermann and has had a job forever.


But it was totally off the cuff and unexpected.


I can’t even imagine what it must be like to be aligned with people that constantly lie with no shame at all.