Fox News thread of fine journalism


The everpresent danger of playing to what’s popular/gossippy as compared to what’s important.


Same. He’s a Trump cheerleader and apologist and buddy on air, and it’s fine, but he shows up in person and it crosses a line? If that bothered some Fox news employees, well, it should, but his antics every night should bother them equally. They are working at that shit media channel and whoring themselves for money when they know it’s all horseshit, so, to use a phrase all the rage with Trumpolos, fuck their feelings.




I don’t know where else to put this, so it goes here, even though this isn’t about Fox.

Jim Acosta of CNN is getting his White House press credentials revoked.


People need to stop expecting trump to act like a civilized human being. Start calling him the trash that he is. Over and over again.


Yep. Bottom line. He’s repellent trash, he always will be, don’t expect him to be anything else at any time. He won’t be.


Look at that assault.



should have grabbed her by the pussy.


For sure. DJT would have to appreciate that. Or he could have just started kissing her.


This is clearly an intentional distraction. They know the media won’t be able to resist the bait since Acosta is one of their own. They’ll start this fire, let their useful idiots online fan the flames, and everyone will be talking about that instead of the shellacking the Republicans took or Trump installing a loyalist as AG to obstruct justice.

Trump has pulled this move off on multiple occasions and it works every time.


Did they really doctor the video, but the video was so very much not damning nobody even noticed?


“Trumpian” will one day soon be defined in worse terms than Orwellian or Nixonian.


My kids were taught that snatching things from another person’s hands is wrong, even if you really want to. Guess some things are tougher to learn in white nationalist land.


Trumpian is like the worst parts of Orwell’s dystopia, but executed in an infinitely dumber, and more classless manner.


Trump’s largest real estate holding lies at the crossroads of 1984 and Idiocracy.


They didn’t doctor it, but they certainly shared the doctored video that Infowars made.


@KevinC is right, this is simple distraction strategy to draw attention away from the completely insane ramblings of Trump during the presser which in turn was an attempt to distract from the loss of the House and GOP control of several states. Now this morning is all talk about Jim Acosta being banned and Jeff Sessions being fired.

It’s distractions all the way down.


I’ve seen plenty of coverage on Sessions and the new AG. I’ve also seen lots of coverage of the bar shooting.

I don’t know of any legit news that hasn’t been able to cover more than one story.