Fox News thread of fine journalism


Maybe don’t work for Trump then?


Right. And how much coverage have you seen of voter suppression in Georgia? Or Democrat victories in surprising places Tuesday? Or how insane Trump’s ramblings in that press conference in response to the election were?

That’s all relevant political news damaging to the GOP, and it’s already been relegated to the dustbin thanks to “Trump Bans CNN!” and “Trump Fires Sessions!”. We will spend the weekend talking about the next ridiculous thing Trump or a GOP Congressman says about either of these things or the Trump/GOP/NRA response to the mass shooting (queue the Onion headline), and just like that any positive news momentum Democrats might have picked up from Tuesday is dust in the wind.


Some? I don’t know specifically what percentage, but CNN was talking about all this stuff and more the past few days.

First, I don’t find a legit news reporter barred from the White House press pool for a trumped up (excuse the pun) charge a matter of little consequence. Especially not with this administration. Calling it a distraction downplays the seriousness of the story. If you disagree, that’s fine, but we’re not going to see eye to eye on that.

Second, who is distracted? Who is only talking about this and missing all the other news? Who is not aware of gerrymandering, voter suppression, shootings, Sessions getting canned, Trump making asinine comments, or any other stories?

Finally, yes, some news will get more play than others. That’s the ratings game coupled with what audiences find interesting. If you want more stories about Georgia’s voter suppression issue, you need to convince people to click/watch those stories more.


I’m planning on joining an event about Whitaker today even.


In this very forum we have people having a long debate about poop on an airplane seat. Are those people distracted? Do they not care about the outcome of the midterms?


The problem is that it’s so obvious. It targets the media specifically because the media likes to cover itself. Whatever happened to the bad evil caravan heading our way that dominated news coverage last week?

Trump does this so obviously and deliberately. News media still either hasn’t figured out how to not be dupes or has a vested interest in continuing to be duped. His lies don’t need to be covered except by one-lining “The President lied again about…” Acosta’s barring should provoke a response from the media: they should all boycott the Press briefing room and cover it with a banal “Trump lies yet again.” (If the major media organizations continue to attend WH press conferences they’re tipping their hand that they like controversy more than truth.) Acosta should probably sue for libel. But it should be just a footnote to Sessions getting fired and machinations to, once again, undermine the rule of law.


Oh no! Is it gone? Are we safe?

Oh, man. If only some reporter would press the President on that issue! That would be sweet.


Dude…poop on your airplane seat trumps every other concern, hands down.

Seriously though, I’m in complete agreement with you. The Acosta story IS an important story, as, like you said, it’s yet another example how this Administration is anything but normal. Same with Sessions firing and the issues it raises about circumventing rule of law.

My argument isn’t that none of this is newsworthy, my argument is that this Administration seems to have an uncanny knack for pulling shit like this in the immediate aftermath of other events that either make the President look foolish or cast a poor light on the GOP in general. Yes, this Administration is total chaos most of the time, but some of this has got to be calculated. I am willing to wager that Trump was advised to wait to fire Sessions until the week after midterms for exactly this purpose. It’s a distraction tactic, they use it frequently and effectively, and they have a Conservative media arm that is all too willing to take up the flag and charge ahead with said distractions (see the doctored video of the Acosta incident as proof).

It’s just yet another way the Trump Administration is making the abnormal and abhorrent into the new status quo.


Distraction works not because there are no reporters working on other stories, but because news airtime and news consumption time for most people is a zero sum game. A lot of people care about the 15 minutes of news they hear on the ride home from work, and that is it. If Trump’s shiny outrage story bumps a administration corruption story from the broadcast slot, it is working.


FOX News really doesn’t know how to handle someone like Ocasio-Cortez. They certainly didn’t win this exchange.


80% of their viewers couldn’t afford a place in DC either, but they don’t realize Fox is insulting them because they have no idea what things cost there. So they see it as “haha she’s a poor slacker” instead of “haha she’s not a millionaire like us!”


Without a proper US Civil War 2.0, how do you minimize Fox News’ influence or shut that shit down?


No idea, but stuff like this can’t hurt:


Given the Republicans general sexism and her genuinely left wing views I am actually surprised how ineffective Fox has been in demonising her among Republicans.

She self evidently honest and so tough to turn into a figure of hate, which they tried, now a figure of fun, which also hasnt worked.

I dont see why they are bothering, at this point Fox News is helping her political career. Which is fine by me. It just seems weird they care about one junior congresswoman among many, after the last five times she slapped them down you would think they would try easier targets.


Pelosi ain’t gonna live forever. You need a boogeyman. Or boogiewoman in this case.

She’s in a safe district for Democrats, so they can expect her to be around basically forever. Lot of mileage out of it if you get a young Congresscritter lined up. They could milk it for the next 50 years.


The Fox News twitter account, which is normally the source of a torrent of tweets, has been silent now for two days. Possibly a bizarre reaction to the Tucker Carlson protest thing?


If we put some mannequins out there will it stay off forever?


It is rather strange that an corporate account that puts out nearly 40 tweets a day is suddenly silent for two days.

Odds are there is one dude that handles the account and he took off the holiday weekend.


CNN is suing the White House over the Jim Acosta issue.


Maybe Fox News was standing up for Jim Acosta? Yea, we can dream.