Fox News thread of fine journalism


You have two more wishes.


Fox is suing because that sort of thing can go both ways and they’re thinking about what could happen to them under a possible future Dem administration.


Shush. Don’t ruin the moment.



But what if we gave that money to rich people instead?


You mean Job Creators, of course.


Who is Job Galt?



That article is 8 years old. so I think I can say with confidence that Lou Dobbs’ “comeback” worked out just fine for him. ;)


Stolen from my friend’s Facebook feed



It would be good if Hannity died.


It’s worth pointing out that that’s a parody account, though with Hannity, it’s pretty hard to tell the difference.

Doesn’t make Timex’ statement any less true, though.


Is it? I had no idea. Sorry, but, as you say, who could possibly know?

Edit: I see it is, but it’s hard to parody a moron like this.


Whoever’s running that parody account needs to be introduced to Poe’s Law.


I think it’s a mistake for Dems to attack Ivanka:

  • The underlying offense is fairly trivial (it was with Clinton, too)
  • Attacking someone’s kid always looks bad, even if they’re a 30-something who works in the WH
  • She’s the closest thing that Team Trump has to a sympathetic figure

Most important – you can’t focus on everything at once, so you have to pick and choose your battles. Of all the horrors on which the Dems could try to focus media attention, this seems like a bad one.


She’s nearly 40. Sarah Sanders is Mike Huckabee’s kid and she’s younger than Ivanka. Does that make her off-limits too?


What I would like to attack is not ivankas minor transgression but Trump’s raging hypocrisy.

I know, I know, throw it on the pile…


Everyone is somebody’s kid. But nobody thinks that people attack Sanders because they hate her father. With Ivanka, that absolutely is part of it.

And I wouldn’t call Ivanka off-limits. I’m just saying that you have to pick your battles. There are dozens (hundreds?) of stories more important than Ivanka fucking up email protocol. News coverage is a zero-sum game, and every moment spent on one story is a moment not spent broadcasting another.

I’m just saying, pick another.


I disagree. We have the majority. We hammer them everywhere and we hammer it hard.

And if the GOP argues that it isn’t a big deal it shows them to be hypocrites.