Fox News thread of fine journalism


Don’t ever change, Fox News. Note the double bingo of sloppy editing AND a Clinton mention in one blurb.

And wtf, Dems are too smart for voters to vote for them, or something. Sure are throwing up a lot of shit to avoid talking about anything important, including the NC voter fraud.


The funny thing about that ‘No smoking gun’ headline on Flynn is that the Mueller sentencing memo has actual pages of redactions blacked out on the description of the crimes and the investigations they relate to. No one outside the Mueller team has any idea what Flynn gave them.


“Dems know so much, it may hurt their appeal to voters” is the most Fox headline ever.


They know their audience.


“Dems’ ability to spell an Achilles heal in eyes of Republican voters”

Damn coastal elites!



Getting further and further away from anything resembling Fair and Balanced and closer and closer to a full-time conspiracy theory network:



With all the news breaking, Fox News still managed to put Hillary on the front page:



I did something I never do last night and tuned into Tucker Carlson.

30 seconds well spent - I learned the reason they kept Hillary’s emails secret was because of … Benghazi!
That’s huge.

Edit: Taking a dip into /r conservative, Hillary’s emails are getting a lot of play because:

The email controversy that dogged Hillary Clinton through much of the 2016 presidential race could well be kicking around through the 2020 contest after a federal judge ordered additional fact-finding into whether Clinton’s use of the private email system was a deliberate effort to thwart the Freedom of Information Act.



She’s bound to be impeached now!


The irony being, of course, that if they nail Clinton for that all of the Trumps are guilty of it.
They can’t claim it was only a “confidentiality” thing that made what Clinton did “bad”.


As an update, Fox News has not used its Twitter account since November 8th.

There has to be some compelling (i.e. legal) reason for that, like they’re afraid of being charged with helping El Presidente obstruct justice. But it’s weird that it’s just the Twitter account: they’re still happily telling Donnie what to think and do on TV.


Haha, nailed it.



This piece is not very intellectually honest, which isn’t surprising considering it’s by von Spakovsky. He’s arguing that the hostility of the SDNY sentencing memo toward Cohen ‘proves’ that Cohen didn’t give the SCO anything implicating Trump on Russia, and deliberately ignoring the very different take from the SCO’s own sentencing memo.


No collusion, just multiple felonies. Nothing to see here guys.


Al Capone just tweeted that he’s feeling pretty good because Federal prosecutors haven’t proven he’s behind any murders at all.