Fox News thread of fine journalism


He believes that he’s making her look bad and himself look good. It’s Bizarro world.


I think that’s it really. He gets to make fun of a liberal AND a woman at the same time, all in the safe space of Fox News. I forgot that this is the same tool that did the Chinatown bit on Tucker Carlson’s show. Truly one of the dregs of humanity.


This seems less than idea for Trump, with Fox reporting that he committed felonies.


Oh I thought that was actually Fox News for a second, but that’s just Shep Smith; the guy people who watch the rest of Fox News don’t agree with anyway.


Yeah, but Nepolitano is all over Fox. Having him point that stuff out us kind of big.


There is also a print article on the website, fairly prominently.


I listened to a little CNN and a little Fox this morning and they were actually both reporting pretty much the same way on the Cohen stuff. CNN was playing a new Fox interview with El Trumpo and it wasn’t very complimentary to Trump. He is such a dumbass in interviews with Fox.

I do think Fox is finding, at least in the technically news parts of the network, harder to ignore the contradictions in what Trump says and does and how those could legally effect him.

But short of an indictment, and maybe even after that, he will never be impeached.


I’m waiting for their tweet to see if they are “for reals” on this.


None of their accounts have tweeted in over a month… ostensibly started as a protest agaisnt Twitter for allowing a tweet with T Carlson’s home address. But there has been no press or statement since. Is a silent boycott purposeful or even worthwhile? Is there some other reason for the blackout? I don’t know, probably not, but it sure is weird for them not to be retweeting apricot dipshit anymore.


You’d think if it were a protest they’d make some sort of statement. They have 24 hours a day to say something about it.


Maybe the reality is it took revenue away from their tv stuff. If someone gets all they need from quick twitter snips, no need to waste time with the tv tuned to Fox.


Honestly, they’re doing America a favor.


Where was it? There’s nothing there now, except the usual Clinton story, some stuff about Strzok, Page, and their Satanic coupling, a story about poor Michael Flynn, and then a blonde Fox TV personality died. Guess Fox figured the President committing felonies wasn’t too big a deal after all. Got to stay Fair & Balanced & Unfraid, etc.


Lol, check out Nepolitano on Fox and friends, making the hosts look dumb. Trump must have lost his shit when he was watching, which he definitely was.


LOL - “What crime?”

“What if someone tells someone to stop talking bad about Obama? That’s the same thing!”

Feels like someone made the call to end that segment very quickly.


realDonaldTrump tweets most of their stuff for them, and he has a bigger audience.


Logged off and went to sleep before I saw this, and here it is. No longer on the main politics page, I had to click “see more articles” twice this morning to find it. It’s also not a “negative” article about Individual-1, but it’s the first time I can recall FoxNews explicitly stating (through prosecutor quotes) that the Cohen crimes were directed by him.

It’s all been Fake News Liberal Media Witchhunt No Collusion, before.


To be fair though, their lead story isn’t exactly positive toward the administration:

Granted, the story tiptoes around some of the more extreme reasons of those leaving.


Look, he’s draining the swamp really quickly!


Child killers all the way down.

The Department of Homeland Security and its secretary, Kirstjen Nielsen, are drawing backlash after appearing to blame the death of a seven-year-old migrant girl in Border Patrol custody on the family members who brought her across the US-Mexico border.

In an interview with “Fox & Friends” early Friday morning, Nielsen told the hosts that the girl’s death “is just a very sad example of the dangers of this journey” migrants take.

The child arrived in the US on December 6 with her father, as part of a group of 163 migrants who crossed the border illegally in a remote part of the desert in New Mexico, the Washington Post reportedThursday evening.