Fox News thread of fine journalism


I don’t know where the original out-of-touch income chart was posted, but I’ll put the newest one here.


Barely enough in that dining out budget for a latte with the avocado toast.


Internet $20?

Cell phone $40?

Donations $600?

So anyway lives in Brooklyn


So very much a case of framing it as “those flyover country people” who have nothing to spend their money on and nothing to do. Without any data of course. Or, maybe more charitably, thinking all 25 year olds live in Brooklyn flats with three other roommates and split all the bills.

[edit] Hey i didn’t even read all the way through and

Klee lives in a shared house with four roommates and one dog



$20 on internet and $40 on a cell phone.




“Transportation $130”? Okay, so I guess they definitely don’t own a car.


Money quote from the article:

God, it’s all just so easy! We should all be rich!


Man, that’s killing me.


That’s kind of low unless they paid cash for a brand new car and the car is still new. If it’s used, they missed maintenance costs, insurance and well gas can exceed that. 825 in rent is nuts. There is no way, and you’re not getting house cleaner for 30 dollars a month either. They’re going to be 15-20+ an hour and they work more than 2 hours a day at a house. Most 25 year olds probably don’t hire house cleaners anyway. 195 for utilities… hah.


Yeah, surprised they didn’t just go with “candles”.

EDIT: didn’t realize it was linking to a tweet, so of course twitter already had that covered.


The reality behind that asinine graph:

Rent $825? “Klee lives in a shared house with four roommates and one dog.”

Transportation $130? "Klee pays $81.50 for a monthly CharlieCard, which lets him use subway and bus lines around Boston. “I live pretty close to where I work, so I take the T,” he says.

He also spends between $40 to $50 on Lyft rides each month."

Phone $40? “Klee is still on his family’s phone plan. His part of the bill comes to $40 per month.”

I’m not sure what the point of the article is, with that info. Young guy lives with 4 roommates, has no car, is still on his family phone plan, and manages to save money. Yay?

Also, he’s an independent contractor with no job security, wildly variable business overhead ($250 to $1,500 a month) and has been lucky with health apparently as there is no mention of co-pays or deductibles.

What is the point of that article? If a whole bunch of things go your way and you are willing to live as 1 of 5 roommates, with no car, you can save a bunch of money in the very short term?




Plus, no student loan debt! From Princeton! Thanks mom and dad!


Today we look at how a 40yo man of questionable intellect is somehow able to save money for the future while living in NYC and surviving on income from his father’s empire of lies, scams, and grifting.


Who the fuck would live with 4 roommates if they make $100k a year?


Well that way they only have to drug one or two victims at the bar each night for happy hour fun time at the bachelor pad. Consolidation is the way to save that salary!


I would if I didn’t have kids. Consider that many working people cohabitat with their romantic partner, who often works. That’s effectively living with a roommate. Rent is the biggest expense I’ve got every month. If I could halve it, I could afford to take 3 two-week trips abroad every year on the savings, or buy a new mid-size car every couple of years. It’s a lot of money.


And that’s why you have no money! Consider living more like our hypothetical spendthrift here. The only unnecessary spending is $600 a month to charities!


Klee is the first to acknowledge he’s benefited from both luck and privilege: “Growing up in a family that talked a lot about money was a definite advantage,” he says. “In a lot of ways, I feel like I’m good with money, but I’m playing life on ‘Easy’ mode: I’m a single guy with no dependents and I make a pretty solid income.”

I read that first line and assumed he was going to say how lucky he was to be born a white male, with parents that paid for his Princeton education, etc, but no, he’s “good with money” or something. Playing life on Easy mode, not because of the privilege of his birth but because of his own achievements (staying single and making solid income). Man, fuck this guy.


That’s a tall ask. I mean most people with those said privileges aren’t going to acknowledge those privileges until someone prompts them like… hey this piece on racism. Mostly because they don’t realize that those of not said privileges get prompts on nearly a daily basis for just… living while . They have the privilege of not engaging all the time.