Fox News thread of fine journalism


And now hey, here’s some free advertising for his business. I wonder if his mom was able to set up that article. Do they ever do these on actual real people of America? Or is that too depressing?


No one cares how the peasants live.


Tuition is free at many Ivy League level schools if the student’s parents don’t make much money. For example, if your parents make less than $125,000 a year, Stanford is Tution Free and if the students make less than $65,000 a year, the student gets free room and board as well.


Ok, different strokes for different folks. Even when I made $25-$30k I was chafing with just one roommate.


I assume this piece of shit considers himself Christian, like many other deplorables. What a classy guy.


Wompiest of womp womps.


I like it. Signs of hope against those who push idiocy and hatred.


I’m sure Sinclair would be happy to pick it up.


I’ve been drinking a bit. I just want to make sure it’s not April because this doesn’t seem that small of a deal.


I did when I was his age. I was making $95k in today’s dollars. I bought a house with one of my college roommates. We could barely afford the 14% mortgage with increasing payments each year. Houses in Silicon Valley were expensive even back in 1984. It was 5 bedrooms so 3 roommates and first then over a decade as guys got married or went their separate ways it went down to just me before I finally sold the place. Having roommates was the difference between struggling to make the payments and being able to enjoy life and still save money.

Having roommate saves tons of money, not just in rent, but utilities, internet, TV, pet sitters, and being able to buying stuff at Costco and not worrying about it spoiling.

I don’t understand the twitter hate for the guy. He created his own business and gives a ton charity. If you cut out the charitable giving that’s a $25K/year lifestyle in a very high cost living place.


The numbers are completely ridiculous for those of us living in the real world (this excludes Silicon Valley).


There are several locations along the coast that have the same problem. It’s not just CA. That’s why I get a little miffed when I hear about people railing against the 100k folk as if they are super rich. The cost of a studio, not even a one bedroom but a studio in LA just blows the mind.


Just move and work remote. Problem solved.


Fair enough, I stand corrected.


The Twitter hate is because advice from rich people on how to live frugally but well is a nauseating genre.


Also, someone who’s been given a Princeton education and is making $100k at that age already has access to financial planning resources that most people do not. Would be great to see more realistic scenarios, like this:

Maria is a single mother of two, who was struggling to get by with the proceeds from her two minimum wage jobs. After her husband passed away last year, CNBC met with Maria to help her with a realistic budget and plan for the future. (Insert detailed budget and career plan) We hope this helps others that find themselves in similar circumstances.


Wells Fargo sent me something like that too. I can’t remember the exact figure but you were supposed to call some number so they could tell you to stop spending thousands of dollars, thousands, on going out to dinner and instead replace it with some expensive meal delivery plan. The number they had in there was huge… hundreds of dollars every month just eating.

It’s not that the math is wrong… it’s the idea that any “average” American can somehow solve their problems if they just stop eating out everyday which is simply not the reality of how I imagine most families live. Food is discretionary. It’s one of the first things that gets cut and why we offer what used to be a great program to help people eat because, rents gotta be paid.


Don’t forget that you should also pay down your mortgage (if you’re even able to afford one) years ahead of schedule as well as contribute 50% of your income to an IRA for that early retirement.


Re: the hate for Romney. To quote Molly Ivins on a different-but-the-same politician, he’s one of those who were born on third base but insist on acting like they’ve hit a triple.


He was born on third base and got to home plate by screwing people.