Fox News thread of fine journalism


Well, yeah. I mean, I think that’s how that base running metaphor is supposed to work, right?


Yeah. People seem to have forgotten how vile Bain Capital is, which Romney helped to found. They call themselves venture capitalists, but of course their main business is vulturing, not venturing.


Yep. Never forget Robert Reich’s explanation of how Bain worked:


You see those clickbait ads all of the time for “How to pay your mortgage off super-quick!”. I’ve never clicked on one, but I’ve often wondered (if they really give any advice at all, rather than just trying to sell you a debt consolidation loan at 33% interest) just what advice they offer: quit eating?


It’s as bad as the pay detail sheet the military sends service members every year. They add all your benefits like “base golf club membership” and “monthly bowling fee” plus they inflate the medical, dental, meals, and housing so an E1 Private is making the “equivalent” of $75,000 a year. Ludicrous.


Whoa. Seriously? They’re adding things like golf membership as part of a salary package?


Yes. They put it all under a miscellaneous benefits heading. You have to dug into the fine print to find what it entails, but it’s basically anything a service member can access on the base for free that would normally cost money on the civilian side.

Edit: I’ll clarify that this was almost 20 years ago. Maybe they got more honest about it since then?


I assume that, like with my employer, the final number has no actual consequence. They are basically trying to convince people that their ‘real’ pay is way higher than their paychecks because they (the employer) are awesome and providing you with all this free stuff.


Well there is real pay that is not on the check. Things like medical, dental, vision, meals (if offered), disablity do count, but when you start throwing in things like golf, season tickets… it’s a different kind of dishonesty.


Yeah, military pay is public information. Anyone can look it up. Military pay stubs when I was in the Navy 15 years ago look like any other pay stub I’ve gotten since. I don’t remember seeing a miscellaneous benefits heading.

But even so, it sounds like they were just trying to make military benefits look attractive. And they are! Free health and dental for your whole family. Access to tax-free shopping on base. Huge portions of your pay (e.g. housing allowances and combat zone pay) are not subject to income tax. The retirement package is second-to-none. Gold standard educational benefits, etc. I figured that the tax and health benefits alone were probably worth at least $20k to me compared to a civilian job. It took me 10 years after I left the service to work back up to the same standard of living I had before.


I’ve seen the rates several times. It comes up pretty frequently when it comes to comparison salaries, pay-rates, or maybe they call them pay-grades, and that sort of thing. I don’t recall seeing really detailed breakdowns though.


Why is this crap legal? Are other countries as god awful stupid as ours? Like is Germany this dumb?



If I saw a man in decline, what does that look like? Does he have a particular t-shirt that he wears or am I looking at posture or maybe his footsteps are heavier?


Is the ruling class ignoring men declining?
Aren’t men the ruling class?


And doesn’t the phrase “the ruling class” miss, you know, the whole point of democracy?


How will men ever survive when women make up over 20% of Congress?


I like that Tucker Carlson is slowly becoming more orange.


Poor, poor men! Will no one think of the men! How is a man supposed to get liquored up and sweet-talk a woman back to his Ford F-150 and force her to have consensual sex! Is this not Trump’s America now?


As a man in repose, I do not feel I get enough attention from the ruling classes either.