Fox News thread of fine journalism




Wow, what a loser.


He must have a pretty low opinion of his wife and daughter to be able to spew sewage like that.


The projection is getting so weird that it’s becoming almost incoherent. “Women and minorities are committed to upholding the status quo and punishing people for crimes they didn’t commit and are mindless TV ideologues”


Side note, is Tucker getting … erm… oranger?


Trump is obviously rubbing off on him.

Take that how you will.


Yeah, I mentioned that above. It’s kind of perfect. How great would it be if all Trump supporters started turning more and more like orange?


Ah right. I’ve been noticing it more and more since you mentioned it. It’s mildly disturbing to me.


If they also shrank, they could be oompa-loompas!


Jesus Christ.


Hey, she’s just asking questions…


I mean… its not really the same shape… it could literally be anything


I think the answer to her question is “no, you are not seeing that correctly.“


It’s not surprising that her mind would immediately go that image. Maybe she has it as part of her screensaver already.


Could it be a basketball?


She jelly cuz she need it to finish her collection.


Tucker looking for a good 1950s womyn but she be like

(why must I post as gif anim instead of webm, oh why)


Not that Tammy had that image ready to go in on her phone or anything.


Looks like she deleted that tweet without comment unless I’m missing something. What a coward.