Fox News thread of fine journalism


Democrats in disregard!



Wait, was that article supposed to be critical of Dems flying to PR to see Hamilton? The headline would make you think so, but then the article clearly states that they’re going there to attend a Hispanic Caucus PAC meeting that includes meetings on how to assist and rebuild PR, they’re paying for the Hamilton tickets out of their own pockets (as the show is a fundraiser for PR hurricane relief), AND that their chartered plane carried 250 lbs. of medical supplies for the people in PR.

Then again, chances are that only 1% of all Fox News web visitors read past the headline anyway.


I always wonder how much reading the hard-core deplorables do. We post stuff from the Fox News web site assuming it to be influential to them, but I presume most get half their info from Hannity and Dobbs and the rest from Twitter & Facebook.


Don’t forget Breitbart and the Daily Caller. Plenty of reading to do there!


I do think most hard core deplorables get their “news” from Fox’s evening shows. Which mean they get no news at all.


Low data points but two of my conservative friends get their daily dose from drudge


My crazy bro-in-law says he doesn’t trust Fox either. I think he gets most of his news from Twitter, but only the reliable accounts like Trump, James Woods, Tomi Lahren, etc.


From my up close view of several deplorables, they do get their news from Fox but it’s more narrowed than that. Shep Smith is a lyin’ liberal, the only sources they really trust are the evening scum like Hannity, Pirro, etc. So the non-news part of Fox News, basically.


I remember when Shephard Smith said something negative about Trump soon after he was elected how the Fox viewers condemned him for being a liberal. You do see more of the daytime hosts that are willing to say negative things about him or his policies though. I have seen Cavuto disparage something he said. But I can’t imagine Hannity, Ingraham or Carlson even disagreeing with Trump’s choice of breakfast cereal.


Cavuto called out Trump on the Helsinki fiasco, and was then inundated with truckloads of hatemail and death threats from Fox viewers, saying that they were sorry he had recovered from cancer and stuff like that.

It wasn’t even like Cavuto was that hard on him. He just had the gall to criticize Trump at all.




Tuned in a few minutes of F & F this morning to see what they were up to. Some guy was complaining about how late-night TV is one big Democrat propaganda machine. Which is a perfectly fair complaint for right-leaning folks (ignoring the obvious hypocrisy of saying it on F & F).

But he tried to say it was a bigger deal than the ‘puny sum’ Russia spent to influence our election, conveniently forgetting the angle that US late-night TV is US late-night TV.


I’d also wager that he thinks Uranium One was enough to buy 14 votes with ~ $500k.


We all knew it, but I guess I never expected Trump to just admit to it, complete with evidence.


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KFC bucket.


Kick the bucket.


Bucket of secret herbs, bucket of secret spices.