Fox News thread of fine journalism


Buckethead, Lord Buckethead, the circular filing bucket, feed bucket, what the bucket



My favorite Buckets, Richard and Hyacinth.


Binders full of buckets.


Not to mention buskets.



Ha ha! Soooo good!


They’re not even pretending to give a shit anymore. These aren’t even the top stories right now. Some crap about the Women’s March losing steam has top billing.


I was just at my gym and CNN was running some story about the leaders of the Women’s March Movement. So maybe something news worthy actually happened regarding it.


I’m not saying it’s not newsworthy but I would think that proof that the President committed a felony should probably take the top spot! Instead of doing that, they basically disregard it, noting that Rudy “rips” the report, casting doubt that it’s actually true. On the way in, they had the spokesman babbling about how Cohen is a convicted felon so he’s not a reliable source. Which is of course bullshit because that’s the type of person Trump surrounds himself with by choice.


Iirc correctly they were linked with racist organizations or something? Or was it homophobic ones?
Something along those lines.


Mallory refused to denounce Farrakhan, and the DNC and other prominent Democrats have pulled support from it. It’s unfortunate because the Women’s March was a great thing. Tamika Mallory has single-handedly made it toxic.


I think it was anti-semitism, but I am not sure.


I’ll never understand people who don’t loathe him.


Seriously, why doesn’t everyone just refuse to engage him at all? He’s a piece of garbage.


Deep thoughts.



And as an added benefit, the more you blow out your ear drums cranking that shit up, the sooner you’ll need real hearing aids.

The perfect device to use at the next Dan + Shay concert.


Don’t leave me in suspense! What happens if you dial it all the way up?


You experience true transcendence of Hannity and develop a sudden craving for hamberders.