Fox News thread of fine journalism


Fox News is pretty happy with all this Buzzfeed News business.

Giuliani says his team communicated with Mueller’s team on BuzzFeed News article, agreed much of it false

President Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani told Fox News on Monday that his team communicated with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office about last week’s BuzzFeed News article alleging that Trump ordered his former lawyer attorney Michael Cohen to lie to Congress – and agreed a significant portion of it was false.

“We commend them for standing up for the truth,” Giuliani said, referring to Mueller’s team.

Trump himself waded into the controversy on Saturday, telling reporters the story “was a disgrace to our country” and “a disgrace to journalism.”

He continued, “I think also that the coverage by the mainstream media was disgraceful and I think it’s going to take a long time for the mainstream media to recover its credibility.”


So. that sounds like the Trump team thinks the Mueller team is fair and balanced. Might make it hard for them to say bad things when the report comes out.


L M F A O. State tv, indeed.


This should not even be allowed.


Why not? It’s actually the perfect venue for a Donald Trump speech.


Yeah, let them host all his speeches and press conferences. Makes it perfectly clear who he’s actually talking to.


Nah. He wants a big venue that he can charge for.


He could do special edition Hannity as a PPV.


Because the sitting president should not be allowed to give exclusives. You shouldn’t have to turn to one channel to hear him.


But if you could just avoid one channel to not hear him?

Yeah, I know it is a crappy idea, but a guy can dream that he would just disappear from everywhere except Fox, can’t he?


Whether we like it or not, this man is setting precedence, and the damage he does will far exceed the years he served as president. It is absolutely not okay to have our government officials force people to use their favorite pet “news” sources as the sole means to hear them speak or announce policy. It’s bad enough he’s using Twitter that way.


I have this fantasy where I’m watching Trump being taken away in handcuffs. It helps, sometimes.



I love that stupid fucking look that he makes on his stupid fucking face. No. I take that back. I hate that stupid fucking look that he makes on his stupid fucking face.


O-scare-io-Cortez is fucking gold.


You would think they would figure out by now that she’s just going to turn that back around on them.


They are totally vexed by her and can’t seem to help themselves.


When can we start accusing them of AOC Derangement Syndrome?


Oh, they’re waaay past that.

Fox is also starting to try to equate Ocasio-Cortez to “socialism leads us to become Venezuela”


A whole new Red Menace.