Fox News thread of fine journalism


Fox would make so much money if this wasn’t an Onion article.



So, they are following the Trump trap by giving her all the media attention? Fantastic.



Poor, poor, poor Roger Stone. He’s been a scumbag almost literally his entire life, and he may actually have to finally pay some consequences. Oh the injustice.


Only the best and brightest for Rog.



I’ve often wondered how the Soulless in Fallen London would look. I guess I just need to take a look at Fox News employees. Hard to understand how people do the job - and behave the way - that these people do, and then go home to sleep at night.

But it’s always the same - they love accusing anyone who’s not right-wing of “faux outrage”. But outrage over a Lego minifig of a SCJ… totally legit.


I hope history condemns Fox and this administration to the equivalent of the Nazi Stasi.


But in order for that to happen things are going to have to get much darker and I personally don’t want that to happen. I want where we’re at with DJT to be as far as we have to fall. Evidence about everything that happened with this presidency will continue to come out for years and I hope it’s enough to make all of this absurdity very much go away for my lifetime.


Ann Coulter officially turns on Trump?

Nah - she’s still a monster.


Good thread.



(What idiots these guys are.)





“out from under their desks”? Did the guillotining begin and no one told me?


I kinda feel like the rich have done a pretty good job of “defending” their way of life in this country. Maybe it’s time others did a better job of defending theirs. Like the middle class.



Speaking of guillotines

“Sometimes we go into homes [that owners] think are worth $20M and it’s worth $14M and their taste level is not that good and no matter what they do they’re in a losing situation. We do our best to mitigate those losses,” Aaron Kirman, star of CNBC’s new Listing Impossible told the Pasadena hotel ballroom filled mostly with overworked, underpaid TV critics/bloggers/reporters.