Fox News thread of fine journalism


His application for the job:


Yes, this is clearly the direction intelligence data should flow, from the President (and the people whispering in his ear) TO the intelligence services.


I am surprised Lou Dobbs isn’t sec of State.


Said it before and will say it again. Whenever Coulter goes after Trump, it makes me like Trump more.


To be fair, that’s her shtick. She’s never satisfied with how right leaning anyone is and she fills volumes of books pushing that. Her not happy with Trump is par for the course. Examples; Pro George W Bush until she wasn’t, pro Mitt Romney until she wasn’t, and now pro Trump until again, she’s not.

She’s scum, however, and snakes her way through quite obvious nasty comments and stances by playing them off with deflective comments and behavior.

If ever there were a nothingburger though, it would be Ann Coulter. She’s got no political experience and yet draws scores of people to buy her books.


The world needs more roasts of Ann Coulter. Her appearance on that one Comedy Central roast was immensely gratifying.


So here is a fox news headline (not linked to give them clicks)

So 46K people overdose on opioids per year, which is bad, but to claim a 1,000x exaggerated death claim is just gratuitous.


I ugly snort-laughed at my desk. Damn, that is… something.


Wait for the next DT speech “We need the wall to save 57 million lives per day!”…
sounds like “Fentanyl, according to Karl Pilkington”


It’s not just Fox. Here’s the National Review (emphasis mine):

The worldwide threat briefing’s findings on Iran’s nuclear program, meanwhile, were blatantly political and misleading. For example, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coates said: “We do not believe Iran is currently undertaking activities we judge necessary to produce a nuclear device.” CIA Director Gina Haspel claimed concerning the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran: “At the moment technically they [Iran] are in compliance.”

These findings reflect the Intelligence Community’s record of bias in its assessments of rogue-state WMD programs after the Iraq War and a refusal to objectively assess Iran’s compliance with the nuclear deal. To reach these findings, the intelligence community had to pretend that Iran’s ongoing uranium enrichment and its efforts to develop advanced uranium-enrichment centrifuges have nothing to do with nuclear-weapons development. Iran also clearly is not in compliance with the nuclear deal since it refuses to allow the IAEA to inspect military bases where it likely is engaged in nuclear-weapons work.


I hate Fox, but I blame lazy reporting for this.

Fentanyl is potentially lethal at EXTREMELY small doses (about 2 mg) for anyone who hasn’t established a tolerance to it (which most abusers will have, but we’ll ignore that for math purposes). If you take 2 mg and multiply it by 57 million, that roughly equates to 1/8 of a ton, which could be carried in the bed of a pickup truck. Sounds scary, and like Fox may be right; they may have indeed been told 1/8 of a ton was seized and someone grabbed their calculators and they went to town with the headline. But wait, there’s more!

Here’s the thing which I’m sure Fox didn’t do their homework on; 2 milligrams of anything is SUPER small, so all drugs get mixed in with other stuff to make them portable dosages for pharmacists (or dealers). Odds are really high they grabbed 1/8 of a ton in another form.

Prescription pills, for example, can easily weigh 500 mg or more and no dealer wants to kill their customers so they wouldn’t use a lethal dose. If it was in pill form, and that’s the actual weight of these pills, and let’s say they go with 1/10 of the lethal dose per pill (which is WAY more than what’s needed to be effective for pain relief, but this is assuming recreational use) because they know their clients are idiots, we’d need to reduce the potential fatalities by a factor of 2500.

The most common way for Fentanyl to be delivered is actually via IV/injection. The typical dose? 50-200 MICROGRAMS/liter (so anywhere from 10 to 40 liters would be needed for a potentially lethal dose). Let’s say it was in this form. Anyone want to guess about how many liters of saline would be needed to get to 1/8 of a ton? About 110, or enough to kill around 11 people at its highest dose.


I don’t think this is due to some lack of homework, Dan. This is the propaganda arm of the GOP laying the groundwork if Trump declares a State of Emergency.


Eh, valid point. I saw the number and didn’t think of Trump’s idiocy; I blame my decades living under sane(-ish) Presidents for not being so fast.


I read the wiki on fentanyl, and didnt realise it was a component of china white, which was one of the bogeymen of the 80s pop culture, even over in the suburbs of London.


Sadly this. Though the excuse they’ll use is what Dan was talking about if called on it.


Indeed, we don’t want the first indication of a coyote pack to be a mushroom cloud.



So what have I missed that has Fox all in a tizzy about radical leftists wanting to abort 8 month old fetuses?


It’s Friday?