Fox News thread of fine journalism


This and the “No, Elizabeth Warren doesn’t have a racist artifact in her kitchen” message on her website reminded me of this Mr. Show classic…


Didn’t Tami Lahren (or whatever her name is) on Fox claim she saw something on a tweet?


Yea, well, that’s just their opinion, man!


Yep, that’s where the idiocy became popular from. She grabbed the idea from some other slime, originally.


Watching Perino get dragged by the entire planet is wonderful.



I’ll need to Google queso to see how it’s supposed to look.


Kind of like a melty cheese ooze/soup. It definitely doesn’t look like a fat bath or that gross human soup thing. And don’t eat it at Del Taco. That’s just gross.



You just reminded me that we don’t have Del Taco up this far 😢

I think the nearest one is in Grants Pass or something. In-n-Out is similarly far away. I’m going to go make queso now, my Kraft Singles are ready to boil.



In fairness, if i thought queso looked like that, I’d probably be afraid of Mexicans too.


I actually think Grants Pass is supposed to get an In-N-Out. Maybe that will keep ours from being slammed all day long in one of the worst locations I’ve ever seen too.

Back to this… fox news commentary lady… she thinks queso is made with Velveeta? That can’t be Velveeta either. Velveeta doesn’t melt gross like that.


What she did, if i were to guess, is mix chili with Velveeta, but with not enough cheese, so the color is way more on the chili side.



Yeah, I remember having a similar visual tragedy on my hands when I vastly overestimated the cheesing potential of one of the small blocks of Velveeta (cuz the normal sized box was SEVEN GODDAMNED DOLLARS WTF) and cubed it into about a quart and a half of leftover homemade chili. I mean, it was still delicious as fuck, but it was more or less a Tupperware full of the results of stirring your sprinkled cheese topping on a bowl of chili into the stew itself, then letting it sit for 30 minutes.


Yeah, I gotta figure it tastes good… but it ain’t queso.



It’s interesting where the break point is in that poll. Taxing incomes over $10m and over $1m are very high and very close to each other. Drop that to $250k, and you have a losing proposition.

My interpretation: many people can imagine themselves making $250k, but jack that up to $1m+, and the “temporarily embarrassed millionaire” effect tapers off severely.


Makes sense. I don’t consider a family making $250,000 to be wealthy, especially depending on what part of the country they live in. I think they’re doing well for themselves but they’re in a completely different class than the “We’ll pay you $27 million to not work for this company anymore” C-level types.


Who knew “fairness” was a bad thing?