Fox News thread of fine journalism


He’s paying a steep price. His TV career is probably over. Just WTF was the guy thinking? This was going to be a career boost?


He’s still not been convicted, and the whole timeline is bizarre (the two brothers fled to Nigeria, but then came back?). It’s also the Chicago PD, so i’d still be wary of tossing judgement around this whole affair until it’s been settled.


The really embarrassing thing is he paid off the goons with a check.

A criminal mastermind.


It would have been the Green New Deal, or Kamala Harris’s shopping or something else, FWIW.

Heck, are they even covering the real, actual Voter Fraud case in NC?



Well, my first thought reading that was Trump. When I got to the punchline I had to reverse-engineer to get to Jussie.


Oooooooh. Thank you for helping me get that joke! It went right over my head because I was confused why the punchline matched the setup, and I didn’t care enough to think more about it.


Grifters and frauds from top to bottom.


The Best People at being Awful!


AOC pays her staff a minimum salary of $52k.

Fox News says this is communism.


Yeah, clearly the rallying cry for anything that the Democrats propose or do will be SOCIALISM! GOP aides themselves will be screaming that they make too much money and their pay should be reduced. The savings could be put towards a new aircraft carrier project or five.

Healthcare for all - SOCIALISM!
Pot should be legal - SOCIALISM!
We shouldn’t collude with Russia - SOCIALISM!
The White House shouldn’t constantly lie - SOCIALISM!


The reality is people at the top think they’re wages will be threatened if people at th emitting and middle get paid fairly. It’s greed and selfishness through and through. It’s the Republican way.


Same. Thanks rr.


I wonder what kind of salary the Fox and Friends guy who doesn’t wash his hands because germs aren’t real since you can’t see them gets.

And according to that clip, he also apparently thinks $52K = $15/hr.


Man, AOC really triggers these Fox troglodytes.


There was a guy at poker on Friday who just out of the blue asks a couple of us about AOC and what we thought of her. He started going on about how she thinks people shouldn’t fly or something? Something about Hawaii? I just assumed this was some Fox talking point I hadn’t heard about yet?


It is so funny, because, what she is doing, is essentially the entire point of capitalism. She is someone who altruistically wants to offer her employees a living wage, but also, strategically wants the best candidates she can find for the job. I am sure a starting salary of 15-20k more than the typical staffer gets is going to pull in a lot of top notch talent.


I would imagine $52k in Washington D.C. makes for fairly lean living.


I am not 100% sure but I think it’s tied to Trump’s talking points about the Green New Deal.

stuff like this:

“I really don’t like their policy of taking away your car, of taking away your airplane rights, of ‘let’s hop a train to California,’ of you’re not allowed to own cows anymore!” Trump told a large rally in El Paso, Texas.


For every 52k staffer hired on, they close a coal mine in Pennsylvania.