Fox News thread of fine journalism


So if the Dems granted republicans full autonomy on Guns and God the GOP would dissolve into the oneness that is the Democrats.


The GOP will claim God’s word is whatever they want it to be so it’s a moving target. You cannot resolve or erode topics that are ever shifting.


Or you could accept the fact that their position on those issues is evil and disenfranchise anyone who registers as a Republican :)


Well, we will see when they run out of money to buy guns who they vote for.


Clearly all Democratic candidates have to do is ride around in a tank to forestall any such complaints.




Tucker Carlson may be digging up that old chestnut of “locker room misogyny and rape culture”


I think I also read that the stuff released was just a small subset of the clips they have.

But, this isn’t “locker room talk” this was broadcast publicly. At least Trump could say he bragged about that stuff in private, trying to “one-up” the other guys in the locker room.

This was public.


If it’s in private, it’s locker-room talk. If it’s in public, it’s just for entertainment / outrage value, or they’re playing a character. Nobody’s ever responsible for anything they say*

* unless they’re a Democrat


I like Tucker’s defiant defense. Jeffs raped a 12 year old girl. All fun and games, nothing to see here.


Yeah well maybe that little girl shouldn’t have been flaunting those pigtails.


Tucker Carlson’s official response was that he would not express the usual ritual contrition and that “anyone who disagrees with my views [that women are extremely primitive, that statutory rape and child marriage should be legal and that he would enjoy engaging in sexual exploration with underage girls so long as it isn’t his daughter] is welcome to come on [my show] and explain why.”

I look forward to someone taking him up on that.


Defiance plays well with the MAGA base. Maybe not so much with advertisers.





Tucker Carlson is a reprehensible human being. News at 11.




I think if Tucker ever passes that stool, he will instantly transform into a radical left wing pundit.


Does that mean Tucker Carlson’s scat is essentially concentrated evil a la Time Bandits?