Fox News thread of fine journalism


This thread is going to shit.


Did…did that guy print out the Yahoo page and then take a picture of it?


I’m gonna go with taking a picture of his Kindle. I’m not sure that’s actually better.


Looks like Media Matters has even more dirt:




Who knew a grown ass man that unironically wore a bowtie for years could be such an asshole??


Wait, sounds like they’re just going to release tapes of his current show on Fox.


What the hell is AstraZeneca?


Some pharma company it seems:


It’s the 15th biggest pharmaceutical company in the world.

They make stuff like Prilosec, which is advertised heavily to old boomers on Fox.


A bit heavy, but still… All Hail the Queen!


Because socialism has queens.


Well, of those queens that there are in the U.S., I think most of them are probably Democrats.


Other than being more crass, how is any of that Bubba the Love Sponge stuff different than what Tucker Carlson says on his show every night? That’s a serious question, by the way. Seems to me he’s always been this vile, but usually taking the form of a news commentator instead of shock jock guest.



It’s mainly that he’s saying the quiet part loud.

Normally he just alludes to racism, rather than being with so overt.


Normally, Tucker Carlson is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life.


An otherwise blameless life…


I will not allow this implied slander against bowties to stand unchallenged. Bowties are cool. But Carlson is still a vile piece of shit.


They’re cool when Bill Nye wears them.

I felt that Tucker’s fashion choice had to do with trying to present himself as a latter-day Buckley. He gave that up a long time ago, although Buckley’s infamous comments about whites in the South being the “advanced” race might go over well nowadays.