Fox News thread of fine journalism


I think that bowties are rarely worn lately, so the population wearing bowties (non tux outfit) is quite small and is basically either

  1. Cool fun science guys
  2. Horrible right wing or libertarian guys.


Would be great to see more advertisers drop from his show but I assume they’ll just be replaced by new ones like Bowties! Bowties! Bowties! or C---- Women: Am I Right? We need a group of the women that he’s inevitably sexually harassed to start filing lawsuits so Fox will take notice.


I don’t view Tucker Carlson’s program, but I was under the impression that he switched to long dangly neckties ages ago. I’d heard that was to cover up the castration scars from when Jon Stewart took him down on CNN’s Crossfire.


I’d never actually seen that - thanks for referencing! And making me sad that his show’s gone.

If you found Hannity and Carlson on a deserted island but only had the space to rescue one of them on your boat, which one would eventually eat the other when the food runs out?


Hannity. Carlson is too dumb, Hannity you can tell at least doesn’t believe half the shit he says.

They’re both scum, but one is at least self aware of that aspect.


People that wear bowties surround themselves with people who tell them they look good in a bowtie.

The rest of us just wonder why they would even want to wear a bowtie unless you’re going to don a linen suit and sell us fried chicken.

Now pardon me while I don my ascot. It’s time to go out on the town for the evening.


Yup, he dropped the bowtie ages ago. Dunno if Stewart pushed him over the edge on that one. I think he realized that faux-Buckley is not the face of conservatism anymore.

As to Carlson vs. Hannity, had I to hang out with one, I would unhesitatingly choose Hannity.


I think you missed the implication that @Djscman was making.

Namely that he’d leave both and which one would eat the other first, since they’re stranded to starve.


Yes, I got the joke, but decided to answer the question in the setup anyway, just as one more opportunity to express my dislike of Carlson.


Fair enough. And I reluctantly agree too. At least the self aware douche nozzle would know it. Yelling at Carlson would be like fighting with a two year old, unsatisfying for all involved.


Get with times, old chap. It’s all about the opera capes and spats now!


I will change up posthaste. Are top hats optional or required?


Very much required. It should be chartreuse.


::Eyes open wide in shock::

::Drops monocle::

Damn! Jeeves, bring me my pince-nez!



I mean, they’re not exactly a secret.


After many Carlson-watching hours, the 24-year-old researcher developed a working theory, which she outlined on the nonprofit’s website: that Carlson is using his platform on Fox News to introduce white-nationalist ideas to the mainstream, making him a uniquely prominent “mouthpiece for white supremacy.”


One new thing I learned from that story about our buddy Tuck:


Makes me glad that I haven’t eaten that swill since I was a kid.


Frozen dinners were such a treat for us kids in my house. It was like… choice.