Fox News thread of fine journalism


Oh, don’t get me wrong, I loved Hungry Man dinners as a kid. I just grew out of them.

Edit: But my favorite ones were Libbyland Adventure Dinners. Ugh!


Probably when you realized that actual meat doesn’t make that shape or have that texture.

If I tried one now I’d probably have the same reaction as my last Sunny D experience. There are a few other brands I get when desperate.


My gf definitely still lived on Kid Cuisine as a core component of her regular diet until like 4 years ago and only stopped after copious begging on my part.


Hell yeah, Kid Cuisine was the best. Corn counts as a vegetable right?


Heh, well it did then.


I still eat Hungry Man dinners for lunch at work on occasion. They have a spicy “chicken” strip meal that is pretty good.


What is “Salsibury Steak” anyway?


It’s like a hamburg steak, but with a brown gravy/sauce.


It also heals for 30 health and gives you 9 rads.



(please choke on a muffin, Threedog)



Only just like the meet at Taco Bell, you might have a hard time getting that kind of texture if you tried it at home.


I am confused. There is no hamburger or pizza in that picture. Let alone cuisine.



This was kids pizza in the 80s/90s man. That was still better than the stuff you had to ring out like towel.


Just curious to compare priorities right now.

Had to scroll down the Fox page to find what I was looking for, but I eventually found it.



She’s not actually bucking an NDA – a Congressional investigation vitiates any NDA. You can’t legally enforce an NDA to block a subpoena or government investigation.

Of course, her lawyer has been going on television for a while now, stating frankly that her client has stuff to say but needs a subpoena to say it ;) So it’s not a coincidence.


This popped up in my smartphone alerts and I couldn’t help thinking how odd it is to phrase it that way.


To be fair, Trump probably isn’t present in most people’s default mental picture of world leaders.