Fox News thread of fine journalism


From the Fox perspective maybe it’s like, “world leaders are angered, but so is Trump, so it’s OK”




AOC’s favorability rating has gone up 7 points, so Fox wrote an article about it.

A Gallup poll released Friday shows that Ocasio-Cortez’s unfavorable rating has risen by 15 points since last September, when she had yet to win the general election, increasing from 26 percent to 41 percent of the American adults polled.

She has also managed to increase her favorability rating, but only by 7 points.

I admit I didn’t care much about her or the Twitter memes she posts until I saw her two dance videos. But now that she’s had a chance to ask questions of Cohen and people of the like, she’s growing on me.


Astrazeneca sold nexium, the purple pill for “acid reflux”. They marketed a lot trying to compete with the sorority girls at Pfizer selling the pink pill, prevacid.


Imagine how far right you have to be to think that Fox is center left.


Far enough right that as a former sheriff in Milwaukee county in Wisconsin you decide that a good look for you includes a cowboy hat.

So, a depressing tidbit of information. I have a good friend who works in sales at the national account level for food brands. There is a certain market, lets call them Dollar General, Family Dollar and Walmart grocery shoppers.

Two huge brands for those stores are Swanson and Banquet. They move a hell of a lot of those products, essentially the poor man’s big meal. Tucker Carlson being privy to some of that is not surprising at all. Attempting to be of like mind of that demographic and yet making a buck off them in multiple ways.


Sure, you pat them on the back and tell them what a good friend they are while you’re lifting their wallet at the same time. Nothing new here.


Family Dollar announced last week they are shutting down. Some may exist in another form but I think it was the end of the name.


I sort of feel like it may be a bit like this:


Though they are different Dollar General ate up that market with name similarity and a better store.

I once interviewed for a corporate job at Family Dollar. I’m SOOOOO glad I didn’t take that offer.


Why of course.


Just gonna let this stand on its own;


Another intellectual heavyweight.




Reparations, checks against slavery, equality… the Fox viewers will eat anything up so long as the end of the sentence ends with something like, it’s not your fault, you shouldn’t have to think about or care about any of this, these people deserve nothing, and you should get everything.


That is fucking breathtaking.