Fox News thread of fine journalism

Strength == Manliness (Hoo rah!)

For them, it’s still one step up from an orange prison jumpsuit.

Fox-adjacent Sinclair…

My god! For bread!? How much were the bagels?

I can charge you 13$ for a loaf if you want.

It’s one loaf of bread, what could it cost, 13 dollars?

I shop at my local day old bread shop and I only pay $11.99 for a loaf.

You only use one loaf per day?! How do you get through your daily dozen eggs then?

At $54 for a dozen eggs, who can afford them?

Oomancy? In this economy?

The first question has to be how drunk was she?

Well maybe if she is living in a remote Alaskan village but I’d put money on the wine.

Just the usual Thursday buzz.

Why is Biden sitting on bread?

Ignoring the day drunk on the teevee for a moment, there’s plenty of ridiculously-priced bread out there but without knowing where the alleged purchase happened and what exactly the product was ¯\(ツ)

Bartiromo had to know that was a horrible example. Most people watching even Fox News know what they are paying for a loaf of bread.