Fox News threatened to sue The Simpsons

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Fox vs. Fox

Fox News loves lawyers all right. Cartoonist and The Simpsons godfather Matt Groenig tells this story on Terry Gross’ Fresh Air today (and repeated tonignt on KERA at 7 p.m.) Seems The Simpsons did a Fox News parody, including use of the news crawl on the cartoon segment. Fox News threatened to sue. (Sounds like Al Franken all over again.) The Simpsons stood firm. Fox News backed down. Mr. Groenig figured Fox mobul Rupert Murdoch saw no percentage in the suit: Fox News suing a program appearing on the Fox Network. Hmmm. But if I heard the interview correctly, you won’t see any new episodes with the Fox News crawl under Homer and Bart’s antics: as a policy matter the network asked the cartoon to drop the concept because viewers might be confused that they’re watching real news. I did not make this up.
posted by Jim Frisinger @ Oct 23, 12:03 PM

Nice to see that Fox News admits even to itself that it’s a cartoon.

Fox News Channel threatened to sue the producers of The Simpsons following an episode that poked fun of the “crawl” items that are superimposed over the channel’s newscasts, Simpsons creator Matt Groening said during an interview on National Public Radio Tuesday. The Simpsons airs on the Fox television network, a corporate sibling of FNC. “Fox said they would sue the show. And we called their bluff because we didn’t think Rupert Murdoch would pay for Fox to sue itself. We got away with it,” Groening said. (Among the items on the crawl: “Do Democrats cause cancer? Find out at … Rupert Murdoch: Terrific dancer … Dow down 5000 points … Study: 92 per cent of Democrats are gay … JFK posthumously joins Republican Party … Oil slicks found to keep seals young, supple. …” A spokesman for Fox News denied that it had ever threatened to sue the producers.