1. Fox’s alleged “death book” is actually a guidebook on preparing living wills

The thing Fox is calling a “death book” is actually a guidebook called “Your life, your choices” initially developed in 1997 to help veterans understand issues relating to advance directives and living wills should they ever experience a medical condition (such as a permanent coma) where they cannot communicate their treatment preferences. Although the guidebook can be downloaded, it carries a disclaimer noting that is currently being updated and revised for a 2010 release. (See this article for more information on the revisions.)

Despite Fox’s claim that the guide encourages assisted suicide and euthanasia, it is solely focused on helping veterans determine what type of care they wish to receive if they should ever became incapable of making their wishes known. The guidebook specifically makes clear that it has nothing to do with assisted suicide, which is illegal.

Yeah, yeah, it’s a Kos link: the facts are still there, regardless of the vehicle. Basically, FOX’s Chris Wallace is claiming that the NOBAMA Administration is sending around propaganda to our 24 million vets that they are required to read, and which tells them that their future is suicide and/or euthanasia.

How the hell is this sort of twisted misinformation even legal? Don’t defmation laws cover this kinda deliberate crazy, or am I just getting politically asthmatic here?

that explains why we’re still in Afghanistan

It’s not a lie if Fox News tells it.

Fox is stupid. I remember when Obama was supporting giving information to kindergartner’s to protect themselves against sexual abuse and McCain said he was supporting sex education for five year olds.

I still don’t see the allure of Fox and the Republican party but I like myself being rational, which apparently is the problem.

I can’t stand the giant conflation that the right has been making with end-of-life planning/care and euthanasia. It’s disgusting. My guess is that someone started with trying to figure out how they could mix some Terry Schiavo stuff into the health care debate and this is what they came up with.

Of course no one on the right ever talks about the fact that end-of-life planning can mean writing down that you want every possible method of resuscitation and care to be used to keep you alive. This whole debate seems to be based on worrying about the poor people who have no right to overturn someone’s wishes about their lives. I.e. it comes down to, “but what if I just don’t want to follow my mother/father/son/daughter’s express and legally binding wishes about their end-of-life care? In that case end-of-life planning is evil.”


I saw that lady on Jon Stewart last week and she was just infuriating.

I saw that interview today (we get The Daily Show about a week late over here) and it was downright painful to watch.

Until he produces a long-form notarized document proving he doesn’t want to murder the troops I don’t see how we could come to any other conclusion than that he does want to kill them all, presumably personally. You have to admit, he is oddly quiet on this issue. Why won’t he come out and say he doesn’t want to murder our troops? Seems like he is hiding something to me.

What do you expect? He’s a Kenyan muslim. They don’t value life like we do.

Seriously though, I’m no longer surprised by Fox.

Nothing wrong with Daily Kos links. You know their overall purpose is to get Democrats elected, but I like to think they report most things fairly accurately. I can separate the facts from opinion myself (and well, I don’t read most of their long-winded opinion pieces myself).

Remember it must be a Certirificate of Troops Support, not a Certificate of Supporting the Troops, otherwise it’s not valid.

Look, there’s no way that the cost of health care go down significantly unless you find a way to reduce the number of older and terminally ill people. So of course it makes sense to develop a methodology in which the elderly are forced to come in to talk to their doctors, they are often at an age and mental state that they will accept persuasion they would not when younger, so they just get “nudged” in the right direction, and health care costs plummet. Duh. At least this administration is being open about their desire to kill people - there’s the euthanasia clause, and things were starting to become fairly controlled in Iraq, so move the troops to Afghanistan where it’s wilder and more treacherous.

By the way, next week the Enquirer will be running a story on Obama’s white love child.

How’s the IT job market in Canada? I need to get the fuck out of this crazy shithole.

About 70% of the Daily Show lately is about the nonsense on Fox News. They are unbelievable.

Sadly it’s working for them big time - they are crushing CNN and MSNBC.

And people worried Jon would have no material when Bush stepped out of office.

However, JeffL, it’s foolish to waste precious joules of energy upon the soon-to-die. These elaborate funerals for the euthanized are symptomatic of an extravagant society steeped in debilitating excess; and indeed, the whole concept of a humane termination of existence is effete bourgeois civility.

Those that are chosen to die should walk themselves into the tanks, therefore saving the state the expense of disposal, where their bodies can be burned for fuel to generate priceless electricity, without which we can be nothing. Let not one tear be shed! Do not fear the end, that surely, we must all face! Do not waste paper on unimportant goodbyes or tears on your destiny, for every hour past your due span you linger unwanted, and unneeded, taking vital resources, food, electricity, fuel, from those that deserve it. Get into the tank! Or you shall be pushed!

Anyone who was worried politics would run out of stupid doesn’t get to have an opinion anymore.

That reminds me, Chairman Yang said it best:

It is every citizen’s final duty to go into the tanks and become one with all the people.

Chairman Sheng-ji Yang
“Ethics for Tomorrow”

It always amazes me when Jason McCullough posts something about videogames. I didn’t think he knew about any of that stuff.


To be fair, SMAC was a pretty political game.

oh man all those quotes remind me how great SMAC was