Foxglove Copperfield: A Half Life 2 Mod

We made a game.

Here’s the Youtube Trailer.

You can download the mod here You’ll need Half Life 2 installed on steam for it to work.

It’s an Puzzle Action-Adventure where you have to build Rube Goldberg type traps to destroy robots, solve puzzles and generally explore the corners of 18th century Steampunk London. There are 6 types of traps that do various things and the idea is that you can combine all of them in various sequences to watch the awesome happen.

It’s about 3 hours of game-play, give or take whether you can solve the puzzles easier or not.

We’d appreciate any feedback, though technically, we don’t really have time to work on the game anymore. Most of the team has dispersed to other projects and back to the jobs we have, but it’ll still be educational of course. It’s definitely rough in parts, but the whole process was educational.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure we’d be able to pull the idea off. It’s based on the concept a Rube Goldberg machine after I was watching an Ok Go music video. Mashing it to 3rd person action adventure was our boldest move and it was the one decision that met with a lot of critique, as well as problems with the eventual game play and systems. Still, we’re very happy for what turn out after 5 months and we’d gladly do everything again, although with increased wisdom about some of the problems we could have solved way earlier.

I haven’t tired it yet, but I will later today.

I love the look of the robots in the trailer.

We loved the look of that one drone so much, we turned it into our mascot.

Game looks great, especially for a student project (go digiPen!), you’re team/company name is terrible though=) Mostly because there already is an Insomniac games, so its kind of confusing.

I agree that the game generally looks good graphically, but I have one minor gripe: did the player character really need to have crazy cleavage showing? It is especially noticeable on the player’s portrait in the lower left corner of the main UI. What is jarring about it is that it doesn’t seem like the player’s character is meant to be overtly sexual or that the skin display is related to the theme of the game. Maybe I am off-base on this and steampunk and boobs are like peanut butter and chocolate. If so, ignore the above.

I am downloading your 316Mb game, looks interesting. :)