Foyle's War


I was surprised to see that this great BBC show had not gotten a small amount of love here. I am re-watching season 8 – I think that’s the season.

This show is essentially about a curmudgeonly British detective at the beginning of WWII – he is super good at being good. But there are some interesting characters including Sam (his driver) and even his son.

It is a period detective mystery-ish show. I am rewatching it now. I love almost every minute of it.

Quick Question: It just seems at one point in the series Foyle goes to the US. But damn if I can find any of the series where he is actually in the US. Did this show crossover to something? Seems like a missing season.

(I did do a search for a thread on this show and came up with nothing. I will move to that thread if I searched wrongly)


My wife and I loved the show. I have seen it on many of the main streaming services over the years.

It was created by the Midsomer’s Murders screenwriter. I remember watching a commentary where he mentioned that the show was much more expensive to make due to the historical setting.


Love, love, love Foyle’s War. Foyle and Sam are both wonderful characters.

As for Foyle going to America, it’s complicated, as I understand it. They weren’t sure of another season at some point, which is why the series seems to jump ahead to the end of the war at the end of a season. At that point, Foyle gets on the plane to fulfill the promise he made to an American who got away with a crime: that some day the war would end, and when it did, Foyle would find him and he would pay. What actually happens in America is never shown, only hinted at a couple of times in the last couple of seasons.

So basically it was a wrap up in case there was not another season.


Love the show. Blitzed through it on Netflix a couple years ago. Didn’t care as much for the colder post-war seasons later on. Really enjoyed Sam as a character, too. Also loved Foyle’s diction and pronunciation, as well as his subtle tics–and the fact he is as by-the-book as they come.

It was sort of odd seeing the Full Metal Bitch herself playing some nobody nicey nice chick in one episode, but hey she’s Mary Poppins now, so whatevs.


Yes there are some nice actors in these episodes --check out the cast of Episode 1, season 1!

McAvoy, Pike and a few others you can undoubtedly recognize.

BTW thx for that Shim I thought I may have missed a mini-season somewhere or it was a BBC exclusive.


One of the co-stars is named Honeysuckle Weeks. Interesting name.


This show is so good. So good!

(It helps that Foyle looks like my dad.)


This is a wonderful show, as if it needs more recommendations.


My husband and I loved the show and watched all the episodes. The actor who played Foyle was so good. The rest of the actors were great too.


If you want serious. well acted BBC WW2 detective drama: This is the ultimate place to go. I just wish that whole “Going to America” thing was there.


Shim Ty for that. I always thought it was a bbc thing.


Check out Foyle’s War episode 2. Fantastic.

Charles Dance as a Mosley double. Some very great BBC acting in that one.


Check out Foyle’s War Season 2 --episode 3. Yeap Emily Blunt one of my favorites (despite her occasional deadpan looks),


Where can you stream Foyle’s War? Is not on Prime, not on Netflix. Suggestions?

I saw a couple of episodes on PBS a few years ago, and always wanted to see the whole series.


I watched it a year or two ago on Netflix (US). According to this I don’t see it streaming anywhere currently (except for Acorn, whatever the hell that is).


I got the DVDs at my library, If yours has Hoopla, it is streaming on there too, though not terribly convenient due to the restrictions on borrowing.


Thanks, it looks like there are some seasons on Dailymotion.


We watched it on, which is a longtime British TV distributor/DVD seller with a streaming service. It was $5/mo.


Scott I have it on Amazon Prime. All seasons.

What a fantastic show. Ton’s of great actors but truly it is the you-know-who-that makes this one of the best shows.

And Ms. Weeks.


I see it on Acorn through Prime, but otherwise it’s only available on Amazon through purchase.