FPS limiter program

Since I have no technical competence to do this and here we got some programmers maybe someone else can help.

Often people report they have overheating and noise problems with their videocard and I discovered a little program that helps a lot and keeps it cool.

The higher the framerate the higher the temperature. This is especially true for old games that may exceed 100 FPS and really risk to overhead the card without any real purpose.

So I have now the habit of running all games with a 35/40 FPS cap (comfortably smooth without straining) through this little program and the videocard stays cool & quiet and will probably survive for longer.

Problem: I think the latest directx runtime broke something because new games such as Modern Warfare 2 or Dragon Age don’t work anymore with the program. Since it’s old it also only works for directx 9.

So, this program comes with a small .dll can these be opened and figured out? Isn’t there someone with enough technical competence that could update us the program? I don’t know how complicate it may be, but it surely would be of a great use since many games forget to give me the option to cap the FPS and preserve the life of my videocard.

Preserve the life of your videocard!

Most games I believe allow you to limit your frame rate.

Ummm… enable vsync?

Use Intel Integrated Graphics. Best birth contro^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H frame rate limiter known to man.

Some games.

For example Mass Effects used Unreal engine and has ini parameters to cap FPS. Dragon Age instead uses some kind of new engine and it has no FPS cap. Sadly.

Playing at 100Hz a FPS cap of 100 wouldn’t be exactly useful for my purpose.

cant you enforce vsync framerate caps via your video drivers? I know I can in my nvidia drivers. It’s easy to lock things to a stable 60 hz with most LCD monitors out there.

missed the previous post. 100 hz, you running a CRT?

Enable MSAA (or higher levels of it).

Let’s not derail. I simply asked if someone tech savvy can take a look at the dll.

Yeah, fuck alternate solutions, solve his problem his way, damnit!

What about a game such as Commandos:Behind Enemy Lines, no way to control framerate there. Or, maybe it needed something to slow the CPU cycles. I forget. I’ll assume this program will fix it anyway.

Needless to say, thanks for linking the program. I may be able to run and finish Commandos now. Hell will probably freeze over first considering the numerous saves I use, and the associated load times to get through just the second level.

Do you have access to Linux? What you could do is copy Limiter_D3D9.dll to a Linux machine and run the following:

sed s/9/10/ <Limiter_D3D9.dll >Limiter_D3D10.dll

Then copy the new version of the dll back to your Windows box and you should be set. Note that I haven’t tested this but I can’t think of any reason that this wouldn’t work.

Also don’t forget to drill a few holes in it.

Well, a friend told me that fixing the thing isn’t easy at all without the source code.

And Modern Warfare has the ini setting: seta com_maxfps “0”

So only Dragon Age is borked for now.

When in the history of the Internet has that sentence ever worked?

Also, if your video card is overheating, maybe the solution is better cooling?

You had to be told that? Seriously?