Frag and juke like it's 2007 in Toxikk

Title Frag and juke like it's 2007 in Toxikk
Author Nick Diamon
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When September 22, 2014 No level grind. No iron sights. No weapon unlocks. No classes. No hat collecting. Toxikk by Reakktor Studios is an old-school arena shooter that hearkens back to a simpler time of rocket-jumping and map control..

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Anyone else sick of multiplayer unlocks yet? I have to level up just to get to the full arsenal? Is this "Rainbow Six" or a fantasy RPG? Just give me all the toys to play with. Cosmetic things like weapon camo or a different helmet can be unlocks sure, but not the important stuff.

According to the Youtube page, it's spelled "Toxikk", not "Toxxik".

You Killed Player
+50 not experience points

Joking aside, I'm in as long as it doesn't recreate that stupid physics glitch "feature" like air strafing from Quake.

This is actually leaving early access on Sept 9th.

Check out those player numbers!

And lo it has. ‘Demo’ here: