Fragdolls on G4

They’re having a special episode of Cinematech where in addition to showing game footage, four of the Fragdolls are commenting on their experiences with the games. The last game on the list was Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

So sayeth the fragdoll: “Prince of Persia? You know, I…that was the first RPG I ever played-- I didn’t think I’d like it, but I did.”

That quote makes my head hurt.

RPG. 'rabian Prince game. Aren’t you old farts up with the slang? No?


What, you want actual gamers commenting on a games channel?

That’s crazy talk, I tell you.

But, but they are real gamers just read their site!

Haha that’s a coincidence, earlier I flipped on G4 and literally the first thing I saw was a girl saying “-f Persia was the first RPG I ever played.” I started laughing and tried to figure out who I could mention it to that would have any notion of how dumb that was.

This would be the same Prince of Persia developed and published by her Corporate Overl…sponsors?


Platform/RPG, easy mistake to make.

Yep, just a short jump from one to the other.


I still want to punch them.

donkey punch?

no, regular kind

I’m not sure what’s more appalling. That they haven’t played any RPG’s ever, or that they mistake Prince of Persia for one.

McMaster, I’m with you on the punching. They need one.

Well, “they” was only one of them. Hopefully one of the handlers or even one of the other dolls pulled her aside after and explained things.

How is that better? If the handlers, or “dolls” B through G, didn’t notice this glaring flaw in doll A’s knowledge by now, what makes you think they know any more than she does?

If I squint and sort of turn my head sideways, I can see how PoP:SoT might be considered an RPG-esque game, seeing as the Prince gets a longer life bar and more sand tanks as the game progresses. That and he “levels up” every time he removes a piece of clothing. :roll:

  • Alan “I climbed the Tower of Dawn (93%) and all I got was this lousy t-shirt” Au

Since I started the last thread about these chicks being on G4 TV, now I at least know who they are. There was of course another thread about them even before mine which I didn’t see. They are a marketing construct so the fact that they know nothing about RPGs, or probably games other than what their “handlers” (as someone called appropriately called them) tells them, is of no real surprise.

I have said it once, let me say it again. Hot chicks don’t play games, period. No matter how hot you think your beautiful wife/girlfriend/sex partner whatever is, she isn’t hot. Really. In your eyes, she is beautiful of course but reality and your eyes are not the same thing unfortunately. REAL hot chicks simply do not do this hobby to any great degree, make no mistake about this.

That is all.

Yeah, Asia Carerra is a real dog… seriously you need to grow up. Also, I guess all the good looking women I’ve seen playing games were just hallucinations. This woman is not only a gamer, she’s a level programmer - and