Framed - Wordle for Movies

You recognized the traffic light?

The second frame is very memorable, so that was the giveaway for me.

I didn’t recognise it specifically but the shot reminded me of certain scenes from A Quiet Place 2 which my girlfriend and I watched fairly recently. Great film(s) btw!

I tried I Am Legend, but wound up typing in “Fuckface McGee” and “The Ugly Girl.”

There’s also a Wordle-style daily game inspired by the Blank Check Podcast’s Box Office Game. It picks a weekend in movie history and you have to figure out the top five grossing movies that weekend. For each item, you can spend points off your final score to get hints like the movie’s tagline, director, or actors. Each guess also costs you some points.

Today’s Framed was too easy. I got it on the first image.

Took me to the third. A couple of possibilities came to mind for the first frame, but the second rang zero bells.

Never saw the movie in question. Got it on my 4th try.

The South African armored vehicle gave it away.

I would have gotten yesterday’s on the first frame, too, except I put int he sequel first.

Framed #47
🎥 🟥 🟩 ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ ⬛

Yup. Same for me.

I do not appreciate the slightly-larger-than-thumbnail images. There should be no reason why we can’t get full-sized screenshots.

Framed #48
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Framed #48
🎥 🟥 🟥 🟩 ⬛ ⬛ ⬛

Those first two images played it close to the vest, though in retrospect I should have pinged on the second image, maybe. I’m still not sure which part of the movie the first image is from.

Neither am I. Got it on the second image though.

This is my main complaint.

Anyone getting different movies on different devices? My wife is consistently a day ahead of me in Framed, even on the same network. We can’t figure it out.

After a handful of days, I’m getting more a sense of the kinds of movies they’re going to pull from, but some kind of genre filter or hint or something might be helpful. Selecting from “all movies ever” is kind of a broad pool, but it does look like they’re skewing towards blockbuster / action / scifi, maybe because they have more interesting frames to pull from.

The QT3 2020 frame game had some context in that it’s “movies people on QT3 might have picked”, which does some implicit filtering.

Took me too many guesses to get District 9!


Framed #48
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Yeah we have (or have had) this. Utterly bizarre and no amount of refreshing fixes it. Same phones and timezones (obviously) too.

Tried this for the 1st time today and got lucky right away. around the 4th or so picture it should be obious to everyone though.

Framed #49
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Framed #49
🎥 🟥 🟥 🟥 🟥 🟩 ⬛

Haha. First try. I guess I know my homoerotic comic adaptations!