France trip coming to an end.


So when are you leaving? Have you seen Annecy? It’s only an hour or so drive from Grenoble. It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. The lake is crystal clear and used for drinking water, and it has the Alps as a backdrop. It also has an old, historic part of town that is so charming it doesn’t seem real. It’s like Disney built it.

On one side of the lake it’s one of the priciest real estate areas in France, we were told. Think summer vacation homes for the wealthy. There’s a 3-star Michelin restaurant there we didn’t try because money!


We’re leaving Grenoble on Monday morning, going to Paris and flying out on Wednesday morning. As a Christmas present to my son we are going to Disney Paris on Tuesday. Tomorrow my wife is skiing and after that we are packing and cleaning, so I think our chance to travel has expired.

Annecy sounds like a beautiful place!


Aaaah… I want my mountain and my trees back.

I’ve only been there for a month over 30 (!) years ago, and I cried all my tears when I went back. “My mountains, my moutains!!”, I was told.


What part of France are you from Left_Empty? Are you living in France now?


I’m from an eastern region, one of those places called “Little Siberia” you can find in any country.
I’m living in Paris, and I can probably see pipes and a wall from my window when the sun reaches it an hour per day!


I envy you growing up in the mountains.

But Little Siberia seems a bit much. It’s not that cold there :)


That reminds me…not looking forward to returning to a cold winter. The temps here are still getting into the 40s F. back home there is the potential to have days with the highs in the negatives.


Yup, aren’t you originally from Wisconsin Rob?

I’m from Chicago (in Portland these days), but spent many a winters day at my grandparents up by Minocqua growing up.

I mean, put it like this. Chicago is south in latitude from Rome! Yet it gets colder winters than Stockholm.


Yeah, you need to extend the stay another 4-5 months. I guess you wife’s sabbatical is ending?


Not originally, but currently. It can be damn cold. I would like to move someplace where winter isn’t 5 months of the year. Sometimes it isn’t that bad, but it can be.


My wife goes back to work on the 14th, so not much wiggle room.


Oh wow, sounds like a great trip Rob, thanks for sharing. As a Brit I’m just over the channel so you’ve inspired me. The Alps look beautiful.


Wait, I thought you were living in Japan still?


Thanks for sharing your trip @robc04. You look like Ed Helms!

I’m very envious. I went to France a lot as a kid, since my Dad got training there, so sometimes we lived there months at a time. Sometimes in Paris, sometimes in Bourges. When we lived in Bourges (in central France), we would take the car every weekend and try to visit a different Chateau every week. Nearly every decent sized town in France seems to have a Chateau. Some weekends we would visit several Chateaus.

I recognize your pictures of Chambord, so I’ve been to that one! I was probably your son’s age, so this trip is going to stick with him the rest of his life. He’s a lucky kid. :)


We were all lucky to be able to do this trip. Sounds like you had some great experiences too!

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