Francis Ford Coppola’s Megalopolis

He’s finally made his long-held passion project Megalopolis – a science-fiction epic he originally started writing back in the ‘80s, and which has rumbled around in his consciousness ever since. And he’s reportedly put $120 million of his own money into making it, an independent film on a gigantic scale with a sprawling cast to boot. It’s hard to believe that the film is actually real at this point – but it’s reportedly hitting our screens later in 2024, and Coppola has shared a tantalising teaser image on his Instagram.

The film stars Adam Driver, Nathalie Emmanuel, Aubrey Plaza, Giancarlo Esposito, Laurence Fishburne, Dustin Hoffman, Jason Schwartzman, Talia Shire, and Kathryn Hunter, to name but a fraction of the cast. And it’s both written and directed by Coppola himself.

I saw Twixt and Youth Without Youth. Both were terrible but also ultra low budget affairs. I’m curious to see Coppola’s vision with millions of his own money backing it.

I haven’t seen any of his science fiction efforts, unless you count Jack. But I’d love to see a take on Metropolis, if that’s what this is!

He really hasn’t made much this century - and lets be honest, what he has made after turning 50 (aka since circa 1989) hasn’t exactly been stellar. So you gotta wonder if he still has it in him…

Maybe being passionate about a project at 80 will result in a better product than being meh about something at 50.

I’ll watch it for Plaza and the rest of the cast. Don’t really have any confidence in Coppola these days though.

That cast makes me swoon. The tease image makes me tingle. Coppola still invokes some stirring in my belly. Add these 3 up and I will be in the Theater opening weekend. Here’s to hoping this will be his Magnum Opus!

Noooo, why would you make me remember? Why, why, why? Can’t a fella just have hope for an aging director’s sci-fi magnum opus? Why must you be so cruel, @Telefrog?

Hahaha. Man, Twixt was amazingly bad. I couldn’t tell if Coppola was just trolling everyone for the first half hour or so, then I realized he was serious.

I gotta see Tetro one of these days, just so I can complete the filmography.

Wait the Elle Fanning clown movie is a Francis Ford Coppola film?



Dammit people! You can’t enjoy heaven unless you’ve dipped your toes in hell. This was all part of the plan. :)

Ok I’ve gotten farther into Twixt than I did the first time (I petered out after the beginning of the first “dream sequence” when I tried watching it ago). I can’t believe I never realized Coppola made this. It’s such an odd and not at all good movie. The script is really something. . . some of the dialog is just insane. I guess I’m pleased to report that it keeps getting more insane the longer the movie goes. I don’t feel like anyone is phoning it in but neither are most of the performances just straight up “people trying as hard as they can”, which I chalk up to Coppola’s. . . IDK what to call any of this.

So did Elle Fanning have braces at the time. . .or were they written in? If the former, why did I have to watch a scene where her braces fly off like shrapnel at a startled Kilmer? You know what, never mind, that scene makes no sense in any context.

Although full credit to Bruce Dern, who feels like the adult who is most earnestly approaching all of this.

God this movie is such nonsense. Dunno if I can finish.

Cocaine and Mushroom phase?

If he came out and said he filmed Twixt while doing a ton of crystal meth I would believe him 100%.