Franka Potente films

You’ve seen her in Run Lola Run or as the girl sidekick in the Bourne movies.

Anyway i’ve been getting prodded to watch Der Kreiger und Die Kaiserin, but i was hoping someone here has seen it already.

Looking at IMDB, she looks like she made a potentially interesting film, Blueprint in 2003, but i don’t know if there has been a subtitled film released in English yet. I can’t find it on Netflix.

Otherwise known as The Warrior and the Princess, which was her follow-up to RLR.

I really like Der Krieger und die Kaiserin. I saw it last year sometime as part of a Film Festival.

Really good bittersweet film. With just the right touch of oddness that it really appealed to me.

I’ve seen it as well.

I didn’t love it, and for all it’s pretensions to being something greater it wasn’t quite powerful enough to really stick with me. But I have friends who adore it, which is why I ended up seeing it.

On reflection it reminds me of Donnie Darko in some strange thematic way.

In the two new Bourne films, of course… not so much in the second one.

— Alan

Princess and the Warrior was also directed by Tom Tykwer, who directed Run Lola Run (and was her boyfriend at the time).

She was also in a German horror movie called Anatomy that’s pretty forgettable.

I think she was much more than a mere sidekick or love interest in the Bourne movies, but that’s just me.

Also, nice of Hollywood not to enlist a mindlessly hot American actress faking a German accent in her role.

Oh she is a lot more of a sidekick/love interest - she’s basically Bourne’s escape route to a new, quiet reality - I’m just saying the fact is she’s not in the second movie much :)

And her hair was totally changed & stuff. Thought she looked a lot better in the first movie.

— Alan

She’s an interesting looking woman…didn’t do much for me in “Lola” except in the music video on the DVD. She looked nice in “Blow” but didn’t do much for me in the Bourne movies.