So is he officially the wierdest freak in ‘entertainment’? I’m surprised he hasn’t finished his transformation and gotten breast implants yet.

Yeah, I guess so.


From Salon today:

“Dozens of fans had gathered outside the hotel, just opposite Berlin’s landmark Brandenburg Gate, and security had to remove some from the lobby. Several carried banners, including one that said “Save the Kids,” with drawings of children’s faces, a reference to Jackson’s philanthropy.”

A reference to his philanthropy? I can think of a different reason why I might hold up that sign. Look, this guy comes from abusive parents, is obviously weird, has sexual predator allegations against him that only went away when he paid lots of money to make them go away, (names his first son Prince Michael and his second son, the one dangled, Prince Michael II), and can’t even be trusted WITH HIS OWN FACE!

His nose is gone, y’know. That’s a prosthetic he wears.

And this man is trusted with the task of being a father and praised for his philanthropy. -Shudder-

Gosh he is nuts. Can his kid not be taken for him for child endangerment? Holding the kid out of the window while giggling like a school girl with the people inside. He handled the kid like it was a 3-pack of boy’s Hanes underwear.

I don’t want my child in the public eye, but I will dangle him 40 feet up with a hankey on his head. head shaking sigh

Note 1: The monkey is holding the baby with TWO hands. Not one. Monkey = Better Parent.

Note 2: The ebon maned lion looks “devlish” = Tommy Matola?