Fred Thompson is running

We need more actors in the White House. Discuss.

As long as he isn’t from Texas, I’ll listen.

Fred Thompson has the potential - potential - to bring a completely new dynamic to the race, on both sides. He’s got the good ole boy, experienced, wizened image that Americans love to vote for. He can project on TV in a way few of the current candidates can.

Of course, I love what he said on a local Chicago morning news show a month or so ago. They asked him, since he was doing so well in the polls, when he was going to officially announce. He said “Why do I want to screw up my poll numbers by announcing?” The hosts laughed, and he said “seriously, I’ve got a big advantage in the polls by not officially running. As soon as I announce, I’ll get the full microscopic surgical procedures the other candidates get, I’ll be demonized by some groups, and every flaw and blemish will be published by the New York Times and other papers. Good poll numbers are easier when you aren’t actually running.”

I loved his last line on what is probably his last Law and Order episode. He told his PA, Jack McCoy, “This chair is gonna be empty some day, Jack.” And McCoy said “Sorry, I’m not interested in being a politician.” And Thompson smiled and said “That’s what they all SAY.”

Figures that the GOP all love a guy who’s claim to fame is pretending to be a tough guy on TV. :D

OK, do give him a break: he’s got more Senate experience than Hillary or Obama, plus served on the Watergate committee.

Senator turned actor turned president, that sounds pretty goddamned american :P

I saw an article about a month ago claiming that Thompson was ABSOLUTELY FOR SURE running, because his neighbors had seen his beat up, red Chevy pickup. Apparently he has some rusted old truck that he never takes out of storage except when he’s running for office, at which point he begins driving it to press events and sometimes giving speeches while standing on the tailgate.

It’s like a groundhog. A shitty groundhog made in Detroit.

I liked it when on the Daily Show (and heck this might have been back during the Craig Kilborn era) they referred to him as “The Distinguished Gentleman from Die Hard 2”

I dont know squat about his politics, but my first impression is that he is a far more seasoned candidate than most of the field arrayed against him.

I, for one, heartily support a Cool Old Character Actor presidential race. The Dems can run Sam Waterson and maybe the Libertarians could run, I don’t know, Sam Elliot.

my first impression is…wowzer!

Oh, of course - and I was mostly joking.

I thought Republicans hated Hollywood types?

Except when they deify them, like Reagan.

More like political lawyer, turned actor, turned senator, turned actor again, turned presidential candidate.

LIBERAL Hollywood types. Duh! ;)

Seriously, though, I think his communication skills and overall style is going to make him someone Guiliani and McCain and company are going to have to worry about. Likewise Hillary, perhaps more than Obama (but that may be my pro-Obama bias showing) because Obama is also very like-able.

Plus he doesn’t have a history of being a lying sack of shit, which puts him ahead of most of them automatically. Nobody makes nice with Falwell after getting my hopes up and gets away with it.

Thompson has spent the past several months penning various pieces in a variety of conservative print and online publication that seem designed to give the traditional base warm fuzzies in a way the other candidates haven’t been doing. He’s definitely laid solid groundwork for launching his campaign, although I have to wonder if he’s still overestimating the netroots effect like the Dean campaign did in '04.

i’d say the guy likes a certain look in his women