Fred Ward has passed at the age of 79

I just love this guy and his movies, he was in a bunch of things that I watched in my formative years - The RIght Stuff, Tremors, Remo Williams. I’m gonna miss him.

Oh no Remo Williams!! Lyle Swann!!!

RIP sir.

RIP. A hell of a career. He was in everything from Silkwood, Short Cuts, and The Right Stuff to Road Trip and Joe Dirt, and great in all of it.

RIP. His turn as Hoke Moseley in Miami Blues (based on the Walleford book) opposite Alec Baldwin is excellent

Ah, damn. I was pretty sure Remo would dodge death. But if he can’t, no one can.

Rest in peace.

I was always disappointed that Remo Williams didn’t catch on. I loved the books when I was in college and he really looked liked the character in the book art as I recall.

Liked him in everything I saw him in. Carry the torch, Jon Bernthal.

He’s great. Loved him in The Player. Remo Williams was that mid-80s movie HBO had that you couldn’t escape from.


I think the first thing I really remember him in is playing Wilkes in Uncommon Valor.

Miami Blues is up on Amazon Prime, y’all. Time for a re-watch

He wasn’t Korean, but he was a good guy anyway.

RIP for sure……Right Stuff, Miami Blues.