Freddie Mercury: Ethnic-Iranian, Indian, Zoroastrian?

from wikipedia:

Mercury was born Farrokh Bulsara, on the island of Zanzibar, off the coast of Tanzania. His parents, Bomi and Jer Bulsara,[a] were Parsis from the Gujarat region of the then province of Bombay Presidency in British India.[11][b] The family surname is derived from the town of Bulsar (also known as Valsad) in southern Gujarat. As Parsis, Freddie and his family practiced the Zoroastrian religion. The Bulsara family had moved to Zanzibar in order for his father to continue his job as a cashier at the British Colonial Office. He had one younger sister, Kashmira.

That, and his subsequent biography… it sounds like an account of someone’s hallucinations from a prolonged Acid trip.

You didn’t know Freddy was Parsi? Queen, through bootlegs, was the first rock act to receive an official seal of approval in Iran in 2004 because he was of Iranian ancestry. Why do I know this? I only really like the theme to Flash Gordon.

I was surprised to learn this as well. I was watching a documentary bio of him a while back and i was a bit surprised. You can see it if you look at him not all dolled up for the stage and pics of him as a child it’s even more evident.

Are those teeth or is he eating marshmallows?

Time & place, I know, but I’m still in awe of any man who can unironically wear that mustache.

Also, dear god what a crazy-talented singer he was. RIP.

Amen, brother. One of the all-time greats.

I thought he was from Uranus…



You know, I don’t know what prompted the creation of this thread at this moment in time, but I’m thankful for it. Thank you, mashakos, for daring to deliver your masterstroke.

I don’t know what that’s from, but it’s beautiful. Beautiful like a sunset, or a unicorn flying away from an exploding building.

It’s from Cromartie High School. There was also an anime:

And a live action movie, even:

Huh! I think someone recommended me Cromartie before, but I ignored it as I’d gone off anime/manga in general. I might have to check it out, now… anything with Freddie Mercury licking a psychedelic lollipop must be good.

that gets a big WTF from me :o

Just to seal the deal, Freddie Mercury is a student at the high school, and he rides to school and sometimes in between classes on a giant horse.

still not crazier than his life story. To top it, they would have needed to add a Zoroastrian minor deity as a student in that high school, or maybe Xerxes.

The gorilla in the above picture is his best friend. In the capture from the live action movie above, he’s holding a kitten and poking around inside of a robot’s head. I’d say it’s a pretty accurate representation of how the man lived.

“Yes. He had an amazing voice.”