Freddy vs Jason... Who's going?

Looks pretty good. :D

From what I’ve heard Freddy cons Jason into killing for him, since Freddy can’t kill in the real world. Jason finds out that Freddy was actually a camp counselor when his mom died. And Jason finds out that he’s being manipulated by Freddy so he goes after him.

Or something like that.

Either way, I’m going to see this film. Hopefully it will be a classic in the same regard as those Frankenstein vs Dracula films were.

For a second there I thought this was another anti-McCullough rant and I immediately thought: who the hell is Freddy? :)

I saw previews when I went to see 28 Days Later. It looks like it could be filled with creepy goodness, but it probably won’t.

I can’t believe you thought it was worthwhile to summarize the plot of Freddy vs. Jason.

I see no reason to interest myself in it. But i do however find it extremly funny, that at the end of the trailer some girl says “Place Your Bet’s”.

Lol, true, true.

Why didn’t they just throw in a CGI Abbott and Costello while they were at it?

You gotta.

Don’t be haten.

Yea… why all the playa haters? This movie could be an all time classic.

playa haters… :o

I’m just getting a head start on you. You’ll all be back in here the day after the movie comes out, bitching about it. You know it’s true.

I’m with Whitta on this one - I have seen Jason and Freddy die enough times already thanks.

This could be entertaining, but it won’t be, because they’ve made the ridiculous decision to make one of them (a character who has murdered more people than any in history) a good guy(!), and there will never be a clear “winner” – there’ll be a cop out ending, where they are battling away as the screen fades to black.

I’ll still go see it, a good cheesy horror movie is hard to pass up.

Oh yeah, definately a must see. If you go in analyzing the script, or the characters, or anything that involves cognitive thought, you’re missing the point. This is a true “no brainer”, as in leave it at the ticket counter.

Jason X was the same way. You just enjoy it for what it is, don’t try to compare to Chariots of Fire or the Godfather.

Jason X was better than Chariots of Fire. The exact mathematical relationship is:

Chariots of Fire < Jason X < GodFather


Industry Dwarf

I bought Jason X as soon as I could. It has some of the best killing scenes in any movie, ever. The virtual girls in sleeping bags was phenomenal.
I’m seeing Freddy vs. Jason opening night. My two favorite movies of my childhood, together at last. But yeah, they’ll cop out and neither one will win… but from the previews I’ve seen, it looks like it should be a fun movie. The Freddy dream sequences look pretty good, too.

Virtual girls in a Jason movie? How can it be a Jason movie without lots of women running around with “enhancements” in the nude with Jason chasing them???

Once Robert Englund started cracking the one liners, any spookiness it still had left that series.

Count me in !

Plus theyr’e doing it seriously (no post Scream cynical crap), and some of the trailer shots are really good.