Frederik Pohl, RIP

A fine writer and a true gentleman. He came to a small SF convention my friends and I put on while I was in high school in NYC, serving as our Guest of Honor despite the total lack of compensation and of any prospect of professional advancement to be had there.

Another one of the classic sci-fi greats, gone :(

That’s awful news. Gateway, despite its flaws, is one of my favorite sci-fi novels. Rob is such a great character.

Sad news, indeed,

Thanks for the great scifi Mr. Pohl. You were unique.

Bummer, though nearly 93 is a pretty darn good run. Still, he was actively blogging. At 92!

Loved his stuff as a kid/teen. Both the newer novels like Gateway and the other Heechee books, but also the dated-but-fun stuff with CM Kornbluth like The Space Merchants. He was one of the first authors I ever discovered and then binge-read.

RIP, Fred.

I read the Gateway Saga a couple years ago but for some reason I thought he was already dead. He was no Asimov, but his writing was very entertaining.