Free Comics!

So about a year ago, a kind Qt3 member hooked me up with a ton of comics. So I’d figure now, instead of selling my unwanted comics to somebody, I’d give them back to the community. So, as I go through my summer comics reading, but here’s a list of what you can PM me for now and I shall reserve it for you. I do ask for shipping costs though (not a penny more!). That was a pretty annoying thing for me and Wholly but since then I’ve found more efficient ways to ship comics so it should be a lot cheaper and faster (Medium sized priority flat rate boxes FTW!). Please don’t refrain from asking for what you want. Grab as much you want, please, those priority boxes fit like 70 comics easy. A lot of this stuff is great for people who never read comics.
Here’s a quick list with some opinion:

Irredeemable Ant-Man #1-12 (complete series!)- I love this series! I just bought the digest trades for cheap though, so I can give it up. I haven’t read much of Kirkman’s Marvel work but this has the imagination of Invincible/Walking Dead.

Batman: Battle For the Cowl (every issue and tie-in)- This stuff is pretty weak for the most part in my opinion, but some liked it. I can list the specifics on request.

Amazing Spider-Man #546-567 (starts with the beginning of Brand New Day and ends right before New Ways to Die)- I found this stuff fun but I had trouble finding cheap back issues of stuff past this so I’m giving it up.

What if Aunt May Died Instead of Uncle Ben?- Ed Brubaker phones it in. Still I enjoyed it.

Blackest Night #0- Didn’t get the rest!

Dr. Horrible (one shot)- I pre-ordered the trade so I guess I can ditch this.

Iron Man Hypervelocity #1-6 (entire mini)- Not a big fan of this story. It never clicked with me.

Avengers #1- First issue of the new era. Really enjoyed it, but I’ll buy it in trade.

Final Crisis #1-7- I can’t really judge this, because I’m not sure what it was.

Orc Stain #1-3- Awesome new series that’s completely insane. I ordered the trade, but I think I’m already that decision. Really fun stuff and #4 should be out soon.

Mighty Avengers #1-20- Great beginning but it gets swamped with Secret Invasion crap. Which is cool until you find that Secret Invasion itself is crap.

New Avengers #26-54+2 annuals- Constantly changing status quos make this book about nothing.

DC Universe #0- Prelude to something.

Secret Invasion #1-8 and a bunch of tie-ins and epilogues- The art is gorgeous and the story is fun in one go I guess, but all the buildup is pretty much wasted.

Brightest Day #0-3- Eh.

Wednesday Comics- #1-12- Buying the HC!

Deadpool #1-7- I don’t like Deadpool!

Very cool of you to do. Im not interested but I am curious what it means when you say you are going to “buy things in trade” or “order a trade”? What is a trade in this context?

Yeah, this was a senseless montage of unrelated events that only made sense if you bought the 100 or so supporting comics. Even then, it was too stupid for words.

Good on you for your generosity.

I’d love Ant Man, actually, if it’s available.

Short for “trade paperback,” which is basically a collection of all or part of a comic series.

Updated with more comics.

Final bump and update. Extar gets Ant-man but everything else is still available.