Free Copy of Borderlands 2

Just shoot me a PM with your email address and I’ll forward you the download details. I’ll make a second post when it’s gone.


Aw, nurtz! :)

Sorry buddy! I was going to ignore people with low post counts and recent join dates - but then the first pm was from someone whose been around for a while and is pretty active.

No worries, I really DO NOT need more games to play right now! :)

If its that Turintur guy, he’s an imposter! An Imposter I tell you!



Razgon, now I notice you joined in 2009. Funny, I had the idea you were part of the “old guard”, while really you aren’t that veteran here.

Quiet, newbie.

Man, wish you lot would go back to or something. :P

This is probably a strange place to take up this up but its interesting how the physiognomy of these Internet places are and how small the world really is, when you talk gamers and their forums for instance.

I’ve been roaming the internet from around 1999 under this name, and I’ve seen a lot of the same people all over, even ones on this board on other boards as well, and remember some …hmm, I’ll make a new topic of this!

Oh yeah!! Oh, wait, now you’ve made me sad, you jerk.

Curse you, LaPorte!

That’s rich.

Says the man with 46 posts!


I think like minds tend to self segregate into small communities, real or virtual, and we never really wander very far from those groups - even when we try to. That seems especially apparent with travel. Despite the fact we’re trying to ‘get away’ we can’t help but go to the places our friends would go and so we tend to run into them.

I remember Gone Gold very fondly. Does anyone know what happened to Richard LaPorte? I know he was having health issues and never heard anything further and that was long ago.

Gone Gold… jeez, that take me back. QT3 is the closest approximation of GG, though… something about a hydra?

I don’t think anyone has heard from him since he rose from the ashes years ago to burn to the ground as well.