free copy of Planetfall

I loved AoW3, so let me throw my name into the pool!

I don’t think it’s technically abandonware, but you can get it bundled with the Zork games over at GOG!

I already have infocom’s entire collection… on 3.5" floppies, which I can’t use any longer.

Sign me up, please.

Add me too, please: Bardolph

Same here, bought them ages ago and have already thrown them out with no hardware to run them

I’m closing this down tonight.

I used this website:

If you posted in this thread you got entered, except for @Scott_Lufkin who explictly opted out.

And the winner is…


You need to add me on Steam so I can gift you the game.

Congrats Richard you lucky man! Thanks for being so generous BBB :)

Thanks for running this BBB.


This was CLEARLY RIGGED. @Richard_Holt’s envelope was frozen and had a bent corner.

Congrats Richard.

Thanks and congrats!

Well done Richard and thanks for Brain for the chance.

Congrats. Thanks for putting it all together, that was fun!


Just pretend it says Richard instead of Steve.

Special props to @BloodyBattleBrain for doing this in at least two forums - he bought a copy for someone over on the official forums as well.

5 copies total!

4 on forums and one for a friend who was in the AoW3 beta and constantly kicked my arse in MP.

Very cool, keeping the flame alive!

Well done, and thanks for running this!