Free Falcon 3 is out

Information on how to get it is here.

Best of all, they got the one click install to work. Just install Falcon 4 then install FF3. That’s it.

Yes, but they discarded all the work done with SP4 and above.

My choice is to follow the other “branch”. FF3 is the worst solution possible. Splitting the community and the development is stupid.

The 25 step process for installing F4 is utterly ridiculous. Someone needed to create a process that works with one-step.

From what I understand the FF team didn’t discard SP4, they started the work based on SP3 and SP4 diverged too far to remain compatable. Painful and controversial but decisions like that always are.

Darn, I hoped this was a free version of Falcon 3, not another Falcon 4 varaint.

Despite my initial skepticism, I’ve been won over by this release. The ease of the install is a massive bonus (well exceeding the value of the new content). Anyone who has been put off by Falcon 4.0 by the prospect of the endless patch cycle definitely needs to check this out - this is possibly one of the best things to happen to Falcon in a long time.

You get a great install right out of the box, and realistically, are many people going to miss the additional features of SP4/SP4.1? I know I probably won’t. Yes, there are a couple of bugs, but they’re working on getting them sorted as quickly as possible.

I’ve managed to get my add-on cockpits (Aeye’s) working fine, so I’m happy.

Dig it. The dueling installs has been a bit of a pride thing all along anyhow. The fact of the matter is if you have an online squadron you’re all going to be using the same bits anyhow, so it really doesn’t matter that much. F4 biggest asset is offline and LAN fun, not anonymous hook ups on the Net.

Good to hear about the add on pits, K. I have to hook up my firewall for torrents before I can download. I will probably check it out tonight.

There are FTP servers here:;/pub2/Falcon%2040/Total%20Conversions/

They also seem quite empty.